Sunday, 23 November 2014

Big up to Mi real frens

Friends... They will make you or they will break you.  Over the years I haven't been a very social being therefore I haven't picked up many friends, but, the ones I met along the way have taught me some very valuable lessons....

Lesson one...
Some people are only in friendships for what they can gain..  Be it money, sex, information to take and trade or just for having information sake or food.  These friends are plentiful and hard to weave through for they appear genuine but life is always easier without them. 

Lesson Two
The friends you think you need the most are the people you can live without most times...  These are the people who affect you and help to define you in ways that may cause you to loose yourself, it is important to keep yourself and your head above the sea of madness that  these friends come with or you may find yourself becoming replicas of these people.

Lesson Three

Friends are supposed to have your back but some persons take this too literally and you end up piggy backing them through the duration of the friendship.  Every relationship is supposed to be a Fifty fifty...  If you friend nah pull dem weight...  Cut dem off.

Lesson Four
Not all friends are good at giving advice.
If you follow some friends they lead you down into the pit of fiery destruction.  Sometimes instead of consulting friends it's best to take some time, Think about the situation and make the decision that's in the best interest of yourself and whoever the hell else the situation might concern.

Lesson five
Sometimes the people you meet late in life and who you've formed bonds with can mean more to you than those you've known all your life.  A group of friends shouldn't be people you try to fit your self into but who know your quirks, know your little idiosyncrasies and the group is that much better because of it.

Lesson Six
Do not try to make the friendship complicated...  Love is a simple thing and that's all  a friendship needs to survive..  Love and with that will come honesty, selflessness, genuine care and concern and bonds that will form a life time.

Chris Martin - Fi Mi Friend Dem (Official Video) …:

Sunday, 16 November 2014

It's not an easy road

Living vicariously through others is what we do on a constant basis but when someone dictates another person's life because of the way they would have Loved theirs to be there is just something too creepy and too wrong about that. 

The mother who wants her daughter to be a nurse because as a child she wanted to be a nurse puts so much strain on the child they would not believe.  I've witnessed young persons totally stumped and confused almost suicidal even, when it comes unto time to choose their course of study which will guide them into their chosen careers because what they are being guided to do just isn't what they truly want to do.

I've also  seen adults choose their lifelong partners based on the 'guidance'  of their parents not because they love the person but because it would cause problems in their family and their parents would be very displeased with any other choice.  Do these persons not have opinions and feelings of their own? you mean to tell me that a mother/parents would rather see their child unhappy rather than put aside what they would have them do.

When I was coming into my own and was just starting to form friendship bonds I wanted to do what my friends were doing like any good Jamaican parents mine  asked 'Suh if so and so a jump offa cliff you a jump too' I would then be forced to look in myself and make the correct decisions.  By not allowing persons the right to choose and make their own decisions the decision makers are inevitably pushing these poor persons off of cliffs that  they weren't ready to jump from  or would have never jumped from in the first place.

Some individuals have made so many mistakes  or have failed to do do many things that they believe it is their life's mission to make decisions for others whether their input was solicited or not.  That is why there are so many social misfits today..  Persons (they know themselves)  are stunting others growth by not giving them a chance to develop  the way they need to develop which is by making decisions and also mistakes at times.  I've heard my father tell the story of some butterflies that were coming out of their cacoon and a gentleman seeing the struggle tried  to be helpful and cut one out...  The others who broke out on their own were stretching their wings and flew off proudly but the butterfly who didn't get a chance to exercise his freewill laid on the ground crippled and later died.

Living is good... Living vicariously can also be good, but overwhelming and stifling who another person is for our own personal pleasure is tantamount to murder..  Murder of a personality and  murder of free will...  The journey of others may not be lived the way you would want it to be but everyone is different and what you want...  What you aspire to might not be the same for everyone else. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Affairs of the heart

I haven't been living for a long time  therefore I believe that I am not the wisest or most lived person in my circle but I have been very observant and I've lived through a slew of things that have me consider myself well lived.  The hardest part of my life so far has been the part that concerns my heart . Every try Mi try Mi loose.

I have a group of older gentlemen at my church who I believe live for my sabbath hugs and kisses and also to ask me about my love life. Every week they ask and every week I shame facedly tell them the same thing  'no luck this week I'm still all alone ' once one of them said something to me and I can't seem to shake it., my favourite lovey remarked ' I don't know how a lovely lady like you single..  Back in my day you would be wifed up already' is it me?, is the men I like or what? ..

What I've noticed is that the older men around tend to find the qualities that strong determined women have more endearing than younger men and are therefore more eager to engage us in conversation.  The younger men or men my age seem to have a problem with a progressive no nonsense woman who is not afraid to call them on their bullshit.  Is it the ego of the young male or the brashness of the modern day career woman that often causes us to be alone.

Career is good career is great but if it means that at the age of forty I will still be alone no kids.. No spouse to drive me crazy then I believe id rather not be so career oriented...  Yes career may feed you... Yes career may pay the  bills but what about mental stability is that not at all important? 
I remember a time when I saw a woman all miserable and 'of a certain'  age my internal response would be 'a bet  a man she want'  I don't want to be that woman, no woman wants to be that woman.

People are always quick to say having a spouse doesn't mean happiness one must be happy with oneself before you can be happy with someone else...  Who ever said the need for companionship meant we weren't happy with ourselves the good lord himself ensured he created Eve for Adam as he knew companionship was important.  I say all this to say I've realised that it is not good good to be alone and whether or not we believe it, we sometimes push the person/persons we need the most away and end up alone... alone n miserable.  Before we make drastic decisions that will affect ur hearts we should stop...  Stop and think long and hard not about what we want but about what we truly need.

Live, learn, achieve but most of all love

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Money Ooooooooo

Watched this episode of sex and the city where the main character Carrie broke up with her fiancé and needed to buy back her apartment. She was  in no place to find a down payment for the apartment or to get a loan from the bank because she  for some reason made no preparations for her future.

Now this got me thinking about how persons in today's society for some reason or the other find it difficult to make themselves financially stable.  It's not that we don't have jobs or that we are completely broke in any sense of the word it's just that when it comes to dealing with the serious financial issues we are incapable.  why tho?

Is it that the society has pushed us to a place where  we can't take care of ourselves no matter how hard we've worked.  I hear my parents telling me how they were able to take care of themselves, what they were able to do when they started to collect their salaries and I think to myself, what the hell? .  Is the economy so bad that my pay no longer means anything .

I don't know how people with kids do it to be honest,  how do they pay bills, buy food and clothes and still manage to have pocket money....  Please one of you tell me? I see single people every day barely able to make ends meet n I wonder to myself is it worth it to have a job if at the end of the day all you're able to do is pay bill, why not just mooch off the government?

I'm not bashing hard work nor am I putting down the importance of independence and trying to make ends meet im just laying it out there to say I understand; I understand when a working person can't find lunch money/taxi fare in the middle of the month.
*Parents I understand when your child has more money than you do and they don't work.
*I understand when you go to the store n decisions have to be made... 
*I understand the anger you feel when you hear someone talking about all the pay you get.
*I understand the murderous thoughts that go through your mind when somebody beg you a ting, you can't give them n them cuss causing sinful thoughts to cross your mind.

Trust me I understand.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Crazy type a loving he wants to give

So I've been experiencing this specific problem alot over the years and after stopping to observe I've noticed that some of my friends are having this very same problem as well.  Now it's not like this is an every day or everyweek occurance but when it happens more than thrice  it's a cause for concern.  Now, why must people behave the way they do when  they are shunned  and why is it almost acceptable for them to carry on with their antics...  It's  my belief that persons bad behaviour is continued when no one calls them out on thier Bs... 

Now the  observation I've had is that men are picking up the habit of becoming and acting like complete psychopaths when u shun them. I know this one lady who knew this gentleman, a sweet quiet soul who would make the perfect husband  for a woman who requires a life as dull as possible  with little to no upward mobility but a life with a man who absolutely adores her...  Now after much pleading that the gentleman step his game up and sort out his life the lady had to pull up root and move on...  That is when  the dragon beast reared it's ugly head: the man now aptly renamed the ole Fawt started calling her place of work, Stalking her home ', harrasing her friends and relatives and even threatened to expose intimate details of their relationship to the online community.  Now even if the lady wanted to give this man a second  chance in her life all  prospects of this were dashed when the old Fawt started to act up.

My question is this : what goes on in a man's head that would cause him to want to behave like this?  Why would  he believe that actions such as those could ever win him back his significant other.  As a  sensible individual living in today's world I believe that it would be obvious to any man that the way to  win back a womans affections would be to work at whatever short comings one might have and become the sort of person that the woman would not dear live or love  without. A man who wants his prized possession back would not dear do anything to upset her or make her unhappy... that is what we think.  It's almost as though they have no regard for themselves or the women they proposed to love when the  switch of single life is turned on.

Another instance of men going crazy that I've witnessed is the other day when a friend of mine was going through a fairly amicable breakup she and the gentleman were still friends and I genuinely applauded the love being shown...  The gentleman however had other plans he wanted the lady back n became crazed one day after she rejected his intimate advances.  The  lady wanted the gentleman back in her life but after the ole Fawt carry on and acted quite crazed she was sure that that was the end of the love/relationship road for them.

When love is lost it is a sad, miserable time and the parties involved will probably hurt like nothing else they have ever experienced but why degrade the integrity of the love by acting foolishly, jealously or quite frankly psychopathically.  One never knows what is destined to happen and overreaction and disrespect might ruin something that might have eventually rekindled to be something unbreakable...

Love hard.. Love long..  Love good

Thursday, 18 September 2014

You're good for me because

All along I've considered myself a strong independent woman capable of taking care of myself without a man and thinking that life would be no different  whether I was single or in a relationship but I've been dead wrong... Yes I may be able to financially provide for myself and yes I may not need a man to manly things  for me persay..  But what happens when  you need a man for your mentally  sanity.

Here are my reasons I think it's important to have a man around.

It's good to have  man around as your pillow when nights are cold and a plain ole blanket won't do.

It's good to Have an ear to listen to an idea and help you build on it.

It's good to have someone to talk to when your boss/coworkers  piss you off and you just want to vent.

It's good to have  a manly hand to hold when your having a medical emergency.

They are good for their warm arms when u need the perfect place to be.

They are good as  listeners and consolers never met a man that didn't know exactly what to say.

It's good to have a man around just because....  Just because they are men and they are less 'yappy' than women.

Now mark you I haven't given over my pro woman beliefs  and I won't just be taking up a man just because but they do have their benefits.  No one makes u feel as good about your self than a man who cares for you.  So they they are not a need they may be a necessity...

Sunday, 7 September 2014

We'll get there......... EVENTUALLY

I  like talking about relationships because for the life of me there is nothing I love more than seeing people happy and in love. I've been  getting a lot of relationship advice lately a lot of it I do not want, I did not solicit and I wish persons would really and truly keep to themselves.

Why is it that when adults get to a certain age in their lives the individuals around them automatically assume that they must be in a serious relationship, engaged, married, with child or planning on getting married because they are with child. What is wrong with a sensible adult be it male or female trying to finish up their schooling, enjoying a little bit of life, making adequate preparations and ensuring that the child that they are being pressured to have has a great environment to grow up in.

The other day after receiving  some much unsolicited advice about my life and the fact that my eggs are drying up I pointed out to the person that they have struggled  all their life and they should not want the same for me and my child/children.  I was flabbergasted when I was responded to with a "everyone was made to struggle and it will make your children and yourself stronger". what the hell ( surprised face and big ole mouth drop) are people so desperate now a days that they will intentionally put themselves in the way of struggle to meet societies norms for them.

Persons should just lay off of the people around them because the persons that are always giving these tidbits of advice are always the saddest most dysfunctional persons you have ever known in all of life. Instead of spending all this time trying to ''correct/fix' other persons life they should try and pick up the pieces of their crumbling lives.

When I  look at my life and the other single/ unwed young persons that I see around  I do not see failure I do not see despair; Im happy to say I see persons preogressing in their chosen fields, persons getting fatter and more beautiful and healthy because they are spending time to make themselves good persons for the lucky bastards who will eventually have them.

Not everyone moves at the same pace in life and Id like to ask all the sad sods who keep pestering us to lay off and go get laid.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

When the wrong one loves you right

When the wrong one loves you and loves you damn right its a helluva thing. sometimes when you love  the person who makes you genuinely happy has so many flaws you're tempted to question your sanity,  but when you look beyond the many flaws,the little things that peeve you you will find the most beautiful of beautiful souls that causes you to think " Could this wrong one be my right one?"

Sometimes we set so many rules and have so many expectations for ourselves when it comes to relationships  that we forget to  ensure that we are happy. Many persons are under the misconception  that it takes a lot of money to be happy, a big house  and many cars. Although these things  do aid in happiness  trust me security is good , they are nothing if you are unhappy. Just imagine yourself with all the money you need and no one to spend it with , a big house and all you have are the walls to talk to, a nice car and no one to drive in the passenger seat and talk to you... all you have is  your material possessions.

Once in a while its good to pray and step out on a limb leaving it all up to God, move out in faith trust  in the father and be guided by happiness. No one will ever love you more than the person who knows that your a prize  and there is no way except by the grace of God and earnest prayer that they could have gotten you. Have you ever looked at a beautiful woman who is in love with a man who to us is not so kind on the eyes and thought "why tho?"   or seen an educated well off man choose a simple bush girl who is  uneducated and to us way below his level and thought "why tho?" I've deduced that the persons who we think are wrong just know how to love us right.

Often times its not what we want that's good for us or even what we  need and although  sometimes we may think we are settling when we choose someone without the necessary security ( right now) we need to look at the broader  picture : does this person make me happy? , do they put my needs ahead of there own? , do we have the same religious beliefs? , is there scope for the other person to grow?, are they willing to grow and change and better them self for the both of you . If the  answers to these questions are yes them maybe your wrong one is the  right one.

Love can be a confusing thing and I must admit a horribly wonderful thing but when you find someone who loves you and makes you feel like no other whether they are what you expected or not and you love you right back don't ever ever ever let them pass you by cuz when the wrong one loves you right you may just have found the perfect kinda love....

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Liar Liar pants on fire

Lying although necessary at times (for example when your baby asks you what sex is, or your boss asks you a question that is directly related to your keeping your job) it has become a plague in the society and now a days people go around telling so many lies that  they have come to believe them as truths.

Why have we come to this though..  Is it that we as a people have become so superficial that we need to be lied  to and therefore people lie or is it that we are so evil  and genuinely wicked that we lie for no reason at all.

Now I have been looking at men in our society and they lie about anything.  They lie about the  food they eat, the jobs they have, where they go they even lie about things that they don't need to lie about.  Why unnuh stay Suh yow...  Don't it d Bible seh clear as hell that your sins will find you out.  If u have two Oman n a profess fi one dem ago know..  If u tell u wife u deh a point 'a ' n end up a point 'b'  she ago know...  Especially  if the  matey get pregnant,  there is no need to lie.  Either you tell the truth n be a good man or move on n be able to do all you n need to do without hurting anyone.

Now women I hear you  in my head saying 'yes man ole wicked dem'  but you are all just as guilty, who lie more than Oman?  I live n see them on a daily basis n sadly I have to interact with them.  I wonder to myself why women tell lies to themselves, the men they date and there families knowing most times the sad repercussions of there  actions,  the some times beheading, the accidental pregnancy n then distribution of the jacket.  Why can't we be satisfied as we are n know when to behave our Tiny little bodies.

Yes for both  men n women it is sometimes necessary to spill a little lie here n there, to use your male/female charm but when you see yourself telling more lies than truths or believing the lies that you have told then you  know you  have a problem.

Stop this lieing madness be honest n truthful to yourselves n let the good peace that God would wish for you reign. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Summer Rules cuz unnuh a loooooo

Its summer and Im loving the break..... Ive gone a couple places so far and seen a lot of people and as Im an avid people watcher I must for the most part congratulate folks this summer, however as there are  28 days left I have noticed some trends  that must stop... by God and his big right hand I have been appointed to lay down the rest of  summer rules.....

Rule 1
Though shalt not wear short shorts if you have any of the following:
* chronic bang belly
* persistent blackening of the posterior region
* feet that resemble those of a newly born calf

Rule 2
Your weave should not be of such cheapness that when you sweat  the colour runs and messes up your nice outfit.

Rule 3
Ladies and Gentlemen
when you go out to party do not and I repeat do not get white girl wasted. know how you get to the venue, know what you do there and know how you get back home.

Rule 4
Do not spend all of the school fee and accessories money on parties remember that while August is fun time September is school time.

Rule 5
Do not wear high heels to parties.... take pictures in the heels, walk into the party in the heels then excuse yourself to the bathroom or locate the back of the biggest vehicle and put on your dancing shoes (corns are not attractive)

Rule 6
In this day and age he/she may look attractive but find out the gender of the person you are interested in before you start bumping and grinding, this world has become a very confusing place.

Rule 7
Do not leave home without adequate planing, know where the venue is located (let someone not attending know just in case) know how you are getting back home, booming a ride is not an acceptable.

Rule 8
If you have no reason to be walking around in the nearest town everyday STAY HOME heat stroke is real people.

Rule 9
Do not  become a statistic.... If your big enough to do it your big enough to buy it.

Rule 10
women remember that times are hard and the men may not have as much money as they once did so keep the spending at a minimum (stop shame the man dem an order Hennessy when all the man can buy is a Smirnoff) ease the man dem a one and two time and help out with the bill a one and two time.

Take heed people and continue to have a lovely summer....

Don't say that to me .......

Is it me? Am I going crazy or has getting older removed every smidgen of  a sensor that the younger me had?
Now of late I've noticed that tolerance to things that I consider foolishness has waned and I have become increasingly short with persons who I think should know better but however for some reason (some reason beyond what I think is my rational thinking)  continue to uphold slackness and do foolish things.

Persons need to realize that although they have the right to free speech persons also have the moral right to defend themselves against anything they consider offensive with whatever force they consider necessary. We need to remember that as we get older people change and persons around them should acknowledge and move accordingly. I am sure that  some of the people who knew our prime minister when she was younger and perhaps even changed her diaper would want to say certain things to her but they have noted her change and have acted accordingly. We are all equal to her and I would like if my change is acknowledged.

Now the other day I am at home minding my own business lounging on my sofa (after all it is summer what else is there to do)and I get a  message that I consider to be very rude and presumptuous now I proceed to tongue lash the individual upon which they reply that I have become  a mere shell of myself a reflection of someone else entirely and I should link them up when I can run a joke. what a individual bright ehhhhh Jesus.

When is it ok for persons to consider you a stagnant unchanging in what is expected  and be able to say any and everything to you expecting you to take it with a a smile and never ever point out the folly of their ways? NEVER

Now I am not saying that persons should not be able to say things to you in jester and to run a one and two joke but there are those individuals who constantly expect to say whatever they want , whenever they want and to whomever the want without feeling that their words will or should be met with an equal or even sharper response.

The good book says to do unto others as you would have them do unto you so my new thing is... if someone says something rude to me obviously they would like a rude response so hear have it, run with it, buss the bag and gobble it dung and duh nuh mek non spill.

If every day you accept bulla you will never be upgraded to spiced bun..... Toni Mcleary

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Ms.Girly lesson

This summer is as hot as the gates of hell but I hope you all are having a lovely  summer, in the sun, at the beach, doing all the things you had in mind or had hoped to do. 
Well this week I was walking my dog and normally when I go out I stop to have a little chat with the little old lady who lives directly across from me, well  we chatted for an extended period and I had the feeling that some unspoken words were looming but as Im not a mind reader I went about walking  my dog and then proceeded to try and enter my garage, the little old lady called to me and when I went over she asked me if she could have a pack of biscuits. Normally when I go shopping I pick up wheat crackers not only because I like them but also because I know she sometimes wants one but on this specific occasion I Ididnt have any (its summer im tryna put on some weight so i bought all fatty all salty stuff) and i went inside thinking that all was well i was so wrong.

The following morning I went outside and the little old lady got up off her veranda without acknowledging me and went inside I thought strange but  still i went about my business. This happened again in the evening  and also the next morning, now i decided that i really wanted to see if this old woman was malicing me for my biscuit so I walked at the back of the house so she wouldn't notice me, when I called to the old lady my usually bright 'Hello teach" became a barely audible "hi miss" mi nearly dead with laugh but once again I continued with my chore. the next day I went to Mandeville and I made it my point of duty to by Ms. Girly her pack a biscuit before she dead with me innah har heart.

Ms Girly like so many persons I know are only pleasant when they are able to get something from you in return for their politeness. I notice this trend at home (Ms. Girly mi a watch u motives), I notice this at my workplace and sadly but infrequently I see this in my family. It is no longer acceptable to be nice and decent because you are a genuine human being but simply because you want something in return. I have this friend "pepsi" she is the sweetest most genuine, innocent, naive to people BS that you will ever meet. She is artistically inclined and always willing to help , I see how people  are nice to her and pleasant and smile when they want something from her and then on other occasions ignore the living hell out of the woman who gladly brought them out of a bind.

Why as human beings can't we appreciate people and treat them the way we want to be treated, is it that our survival instincts, our me alone must reign supreme attitude has outgrown our humanity. For most Jamaicans church is a every weekend thing and we go and we learn the rules of empathy and the golden rule and when we come out we take it and put it on out dining room table like flowers. We should practice the golden rule " do unto others as we would have them do unto us" and appreciate people even when they have nothing tangible to give us. 

If all we look for in people these last days is what they can offer us we will be a set of people most miserable, we would have built a society where actual relationships are meaningless and interaction would not be necessary until we needed something, we would be a people most miserable. We should try and appreciate everyone for the good they have inside and if they have a little something something to give we should take that as a plus to the relationship and not the be all end all of relating. 

Have a a happy week and remember although tifa seh no romance without finance remember tifa is single and celebate.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

I expected it and I hoped for it now watch me while I claim it

So I was looking at my life the other day  and it suddenly occurred to me that what is expected /hoped for and what one receives are two completely different things  sometimes.  When I was in high school I expected that when I went to college ( surprisingly looking back I never realised I had the option to not go to college it was the logical next step) I would have the time of my life have a steady boyfriend, party and live the college life...  Yes that was fun for like two seconds then I started to think.....  Now what?

I expected that when I left college I'd have a good teaching job where I'd be making money and I would go where I wanted when I wanted, buy a lot of clothes and shoes and have an absolutely fabulous existence....  Then the economy happened now I'm living from payday to day after payday like a common hobo.

I met  a wonderful  man planned  out my life  and  everything was  going good.  I knew the name I was  going to give my child, the intended school, how we were going to live, where we were going to live and life  was  perfect...  Then reality set in. What the hell is wrong with reality can't she just stay on the back burner n leave us to blissful dream existence.

I hoped that I'd always love my job because I've always wanted to be a teacher (apart from that brief period when I was about nine when I wanted to be a gogo cuz I thought they looked so pretty when they danced on TV)  now I don't mind my job,  I do it n I like it but the love I once had is not there anymore I'm just going through the motions trying to teach those who want to learn n not commit mass murder when I see those throwing away a perfectly good opportunity.

Even though my life is not exactly what I hoped /expected it to be I'm single and  happy, I have great friends don't know how I would manage without them (especially Mi Yardies... luv Unnu like carrot cake) I have a job I like, even though I own a car I don't go anywhere because I can't be bothered to drive.  I'm  happy with how things are because I've learnt and I'm learning about the resilience that is stored up in this tiny little body.

For most when life doesn't go the way they want they get upset and say God has forsaken them but I've come to realise that every time God takes something away, changes what I've been hoping for or side steps my expectations is only to prepare me for something greater.  Now tell me if he loves us all equally why  would he keep coming  through for me and leave you out in the  cold....  Claim your victory people stop expecting stop hoping start claiming.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Wifey material

I don't know if its me or if  its the men that I come across or my friends  come across but the men today have really gone nuts. These  men are seeming confused as to the qualities of a good woman and often let them slip through there hands to settle with some jing bangs. I heard the story recently of a couple who was married for around twenty five years and then all of a sudden the man  took upon himself an unemployed tattooed woman who cursed, smoked and drank and left his good , nice, decent wife at home. If its something in the water let me know because this madness does not amuse me.

Gentleman I'm about to lay on you a couple of signs that will help you to identify if you have a good woman.
You have a good woman if:
1. when she is upset she tells you exactly what is on her mind and doesn't beat around the bush. A woman who speaks her mind and doesn't hold  the hurt and aggression in has mastered the number one rule of relationships which is to always communicate with your partner. A woman who says nothing no matter what is happening  is the woman who will poison you, burn up your clothes and stab you in your sleep.

2. When you go out with a woman, although it is expected that the man picks up the tab;  you have found  a good woman if once in a while she volunteers( because she volunteers doesn't mean your to accept) to pick up the tab, Now a woman who volunteers to help with payments no matter how small will be a true ride or die, she will ensure that you have money in your pocket and that the bills are paid.

3. She  isn't content to have in her home only the things that a man can provide. That is a good woman, she will always be working and hustling to ensure that she has what she wants and your pocket will be less strained.

4. She puts the  needs of her partner before her own and ensure that he is well taken care of and when that matter is dealt with that woman will take care of herself. Women are by nature nurturers and will definitely go out of their way to ensure that others are happy and comfortable around them. This woman is a keeper and as a man you should try and keep her needs on the foreground in as much as she tries to ensure that your needs are taken care of.

5.  If your mother  thinks the world of the woman and isn't always complaining of some shortcoming then you have a keeper, for some reason men doubt their  mothers and often think that their mothers are trying to keep them as babies when they warn them about the thots that they are about to wife. Mothers are able to look beyond the facade that potential partners put up because they are around longer and some were actually thots themselves so they are able to spot and warn you about these women.

The bible itself says that when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing, ,many men haven't found wives they have found side pieces, bad bitches and therefore they will be forever unhappy and doubt the existence of good women. There are women in the world today who just want someone to love and take care of, to treat like they are the only ones on the planet that matter but men if you keep pushing the good ones away you will never ever receive the treatment that you truly deserve. When you find a good woman treat her good, love her and respect her and she will give you the world.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Appreciate someone or something or both

The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory.

An odd statement to begin today's blog with because I'm not talking about anything religious or am I going to be speaking about overcoming life' challenges but it has been on my mind and I must share.

Little things are often overlooked and put on  the back burner because we think that they are not going anywhere or they are not that important,but I'm sure that after living in this all consuming world we know that the little things often are the most important and the things that we fall back on and that support us when all else fails.

Why do we take for granted the little things tho? think about your little toe or your elbow  these are parts of your body, important parts mark you but how often do we think of these things, how often do we spend time to appreciate these things and think of there importance of them to our balance and our movement.

Some people in our lives are treated like the elbow and the little, we know they are important, we acknowledge that they are there but for the life of God we  refuse to acknowledge the importance of these persons to our existence. we need to stop acting a fool and begin to acknowledge the persons in our lives who  listen to our woes without complaining, who feed us with their own money and do not complain, who drive us around like chauffeurs, who never ask us to justify why we dislike someone but love us enough to follow suit.

Too many times we behave as though we are self sustaining like we can go through the world without the assistance of the chatty chatty friend, the loud friend, the annoying as hell friend, the hovercraft  girlfriend, the annoyingly clingy mother, everyone in our life who plays apart in our life impacts it and we should   show our appreciation.

The other day but I overheard a friend of mine telling a woman who I dont care for my business and they both seemed to thoroughly enjoy the conversation.  Oddly enough I appreciate that woman because she taught me that friends can be dangerous when not handled with care, she taught me never to tell my friends anything i wouldnt want to hear back and it taught me  that if you and  your friends dont dislike the same persons its time to check your friend.

Appreciate that you wake  up each morning, appreciate that all may not be well but something even if its one thing is, appreciate  the job you have appreciate the people who turn you down ( life lesson waiting to happening) In everything that happens in our lives , in everyone that passes through our years there is something to appreciate. Appreciate everything for the stone the builder refuses may just end up being the head cornerstone. 

This may be a jumble but after the week I've had I appreciate my jumble and i hope there is something in here for you....
have an awesome week. i appreciate that you read and share.

Sunday, 1 June 2014


How easy it is to forget to be grateful  for the things we have when things are going good but when they are going bad we plead and beg God and promise him to be grateful  for his blessings.

Be thankful for the food we eat because  there is nothing like being hungry.

Be thankful for daily journeying mercies. Every day we travel near n far n we return home dead tired...  Be grateful  many left home n didn't return.

Be thankful for clothes we wear. We all know someone who could do with even a fraction of the clothes we have.

Be thankful for jobs. It might not be ideal, our bosses, cowokers and students might drive us crazy but we know it's better to have n complaint rather than not at all. 

Be thankful  for families. Mothers who call us incessantly n vice versa, fathers who still treat us like little kids, aunts n uncles who feed us and cousins who share in the fun times.  Siblings yes siblings who drive us crazy and steal our food and belongings

Be thankful for good health. With all the illnesses out there if health is yours praise God.

Be thankful  for the men in our lives ladies whether he is rich or poor.  Remember to acknowledge the little things because it's the little things that matter. The groceries he ensures is in your fridge, the food he ensures you eat and the little treats he leaves just fah u.

Be thankful for your women men because some of  you would not live a day in comfort without them. You would not eat, you'd live in squalor  and you all would wear boxers n tshirt errywhere...

Gratitude is something we all take for granted at some point or the other but we also know how wonderful it is when others acknowledge the good that we do for them. 

I'm grateful for life and love and my baby and my awesome siblings  n my miserable mama n my grumpy dad and they know it and God knows it....  Who or what are u grateful for today?

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bum wuk

"It's not the way u walk 
An' it's not the way u talk 
An' it's not your beat up car 
U definitely ain't no movie star 
It's not the clothes u wear 
An' it's not your nappy hair 
It's not your gangsta flex 
Baby it's all about de sex "

I keep hearing people say relationships need trust,  relationships need friendship,  relationships need money..  Trust me... Me know it needs all those things but  when all else fails if a relationship has the "boom wuk" u can best believe that not even the rock of  Gibraltar can shake it.

Humans since the beginning of time have been known to be sexual, intimate beings whose need for intimacy has caused wars, disturbances of piece and the ruination of great kingdoms.  All those things are  horrible but bwoy when d wuk right anything goes and you will do anything to keep it alive.

I've seen people whose lack of "boom wuk"  cause them to wither down and look like they are close to death(me nah  mek dat happen to me) Everyone  needs a little  something to relax them and  make them feel better when  life just  isn't going quite right. 

People wonder why  persons leave their husbands , children, jobs and countries and go  off with people they have just  met... it's because the  "boom wuk" talk.  Have you ever seen some poor poor poor persons and yet they are happy and  they are not looking to upgrade for betterment... They will stay poor together because of the "boom wuk".

A relationship  can survive with a lack of many things but it cannot survive with a lack of the  "boom wuk" I'm  not talking about the momma poppa wuk mi a talk bout d caan walk, tears come a eye,  repent and beg for Jesus kinda wuk.  Please don't get me wrong every wuk won't be boomy but just like church if you go every sabbath and you don't feel the  spirit sometimes you gonna get bored and  stray.

Tanya Stephens got it right she knew what she was saying when she  sang boom wuk.... 

Happy Sunday.... Happy wukking people...

Sunday, 18 May 2014

To the left...If your ass ain't ain't with the progress

  There comes a time in everyone's life when they question the things and people around them, they don't question things or people because they are in no way mean or they want to rid themselves of these things but the older you get the more you are tempted to put life into perspective.
     I wonder how it is that persons go through their whole lives and not change anything about themselves, they don't try to make themselves better in any way, they just freaking exist. The other day I was going through one of those thought filled spells and a friend of mine told me that he  didn't like that I was changing. I kid you not but life is not stagnant, from what I see its constantly evolving... Why be stagnant in an ever evolving world?
If you find yourself on the verge of  a positive change and someone tries to hold you down or get you to change your mind leave them and go on about your own business. The people in your life should make the positive changes you wish to make easier not more difficult. If you find a spouse , coworker, friend, family member trying to keep you down let them go on about their business its very likely that your life will be ten times better without them.
   I keep seeing persons trying to hang on to the things in their lives that are obviously bad for them. Why must we as human torture ourselves and want all the things that are not good for us? That's like Eve in the freaking garden of Eden knowing that the blasted apple was bad for her and still taking a chunk out of it and not keeping it to herself but also giving it to the person she loved most her husband Adam. Sometimes there will be persons who we love and who love us but they are no good for us and we need to just let them go no matter how painful it's going be.
       Ive decided that there will be things that I want, and there will be some changes that I will have to make in order to achieve what I want and I wont be afraid to let go; to let go of people and let go of things that might want to hold me back.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Goodbye... Dear friend

Sitting outside accidents and emergency  and the force of it all hits home.  Last night I saw you  and though sick u were your sweet self and today right now I wait on the doctor  with your death certificate  to take him back to the house.
This experience  is one I wish never to have again but as inevitable   and sure as death is I'm sure I'll be here again.  I can't believe that someone  who I've grown to appreciate  is gone  so suddenly without a goodbye without a touch and it pains my heart.  It hurts to look at your nephews and see the hurt in their faces and their tears and to hear them  wale because you are gone and you'll never come back...  This experience  has proven a teacher though.

  I've learnt that I should love the people  in my life with all my  HEART and treat them like they are one in a million   because the last goodbye could  be 'the last goodye'

I've learnt that the good we do today is the best thing we can do loving and doing good....

I've learnt that  we should appreciate  each moment  we have with the people we hold dear because today the good you do might make a world of difference  in their lives.

Don't take for granted anything  at all nothing not one single thing.

Sadness is inevitable  and happiness  is eminent.  Don't dwell on the sad stuff.

The people  in our lives will go  and the moment  will be sad but we should  cherish the time we have never  ever hop over anyone's feeling and never ever take anyone for granted.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

You said you loved me... so why cant we be friends?

Why is it that two people who said that they loved each other  sometimes for exceptionally long periods of time find it so difficult to be friends after a breakup? It is my belief that when you love someone  and love them deeply the love you feel for them just doesn't die after a breakup, the love will always be there if it was true just in another form than it was before. Love is something that is shared between sensible adults (I should hope) it is an exceptionally wonderful thing that causes one to sacrifice greatly for the sake of the others happiness, but, since the beginning of time it has been fact that although two people love each other they may not be an ideal combination. Being in love  means that you are happy  and in all things happiness over rules. Real love, perfect love as ordained by master God comes with happiness, not perpetual happiness as there will be rough patches but for the most part there should be happiness.

   When two persons find that they are not working out and they walk away from the relationship there will be hurt on some level for both individuals and so both persons should be considerate and facilitate the smooth sailing of the breakup for the other person  . If there was real love in a relationship after a breakup  the other person should be able to call you and say hello, they should be able to call and find out how you are doing. The relationship after the breakup of two persons that love each other should be such that they automatically fall into being good friends.

Now it is all good and well for individuals to want to be friends with their estranged significant other but when there were instances of cheating and abuse that led to the desolation of the relationship persons might need a chance to heal and come into their own before they are able to trust and relate as they did before.
In my own foolish way I'm a romantic of the worst kind I always believe that a relationship that was once good and well can always be rekindled and there is noway that that can be done if the exes refuse to be amicable and build a relationship where they are friends again and get to know the other person in ways that they did not know them before.

If I use to sleep with you, you used to share with me your deepest darkest secrets, you used to come to me about the important things in your life and we break up please I beg you to tell me why we cant be friends?

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bedroom bully

No matter how a man loves to behave as though he is the king of the bedroom I kid you not ladies a you run things.  I have encountered so many women and have heard so many stories about chatty mouth men that have fallen flat on their faces (not in the good way ladies) when the time comes for them to prove them selves. I have come to the conclusion that these men think they are doing  well because ladies your asses be putting it down so  damn good on these fellows that they mistake your work for theirs.
Men are always talking about how many women they have slept with how dem dagger dis and dagger that but most a dem never ever realise that it is the  woman who  does all of the work and hence they were slept with and they were daggered.  

Women are the wheels that keep the sex in a  relationship going, we buy the sexy lingerie, we buy the candles, the chocolates, the scented this and flavored that and yet  men take the  glory for whatever goes on in the bedroom. If it weren't for women sex would simply be for the man to bust a nut, we however have taken this bland wonderful activity and created a fine piece of artistic expression which by no means would be complete without the men in our lives.  If one day all women were to stop going above and beyond for their men in the bedroom I'm sure there would be national and international fasting on men's parts as they would all loose their way.

Women don't walk around talking about how they have conquered, how they made the man cry and bawl fi him modda, How all him coulda duh when she dun wid him a roll over and sleep (Maybe we should though and see how many have  the balls that God gave them to face their friends)  Men go around parading their so called conquests as though it is an activity they performed all on their own without the assistance of the woman. Mek a woman lay down and nuh move, mek she even pretend to be uninterested when a man prepositions her and see how good the act is for him.

We a the bedroom bully and a we run things no matter what a man thinks or would like himself to believe. 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Men wished we knew

As women we go through life thinking that we are  God's gift to men because we have  the  vaginas, the pillars of life and the  one thing almost  every man cannot live without.  Sorry to say though that some of us take this information (the one about us being so important that life as it is could not go on without us) so much to heart that after a while our men absolutely  and totally cannot stand to be around  us or listen to what we have to say.
This ladies is how to lose a good man in uniquely womanly ways:

1. Nagging and   nagging and nagging is  a definite  no no, no man wants a woman who is constantly chatting and nagging them about things they  haven't done, tasks they  haven't completed  and  objects they have forgotten  to replace.  Although sometimes  it's hard to  hold your tongues... ladies it's best to  just give a man a break and let him be, hopefully he'll get  the  jist.
2.Trying to change a man..  Boy oh boy are  we  ludacris, we pick up a man child and think  to ourselves oh  all he  needs is  a little work...  Utter rubbish; men cannot be  changed  and  will resent you  for trying though  you  might have their best interests at heart.
3. Cook book recipe  book  you waan live a restaurant  an come dun man bank book....  Bloodseed .....  No  man wants a cupsoup  chef,  men love a woman who can cook  and bake and mek dem lick all him knee back  but mess up an try to tell man bout  KFC and China jade every night and you may be alone before you  know  it.
4. If you continuously compare your man to your previous mate he might just run u and tell you to go search  for him.  Men appreciate  a helpful  reprimand and have no problem being told respectfully where they are falling short but if every thing is compared to how Joe did it and how Joe used to say it and how Joe wanted it u may be left without Joe or ur current  Mr. GRIND.
5. Looking like a piece a dirty car rag is acceptable  when your gardening  or if like me you just had a kitchen marathon n your covered  in every ingredient you used but it's not by any means an acceptable  household look.  We should  remember that men appreciate  a nice clean woman who smells just as good as she looks...  Keep yourself pretty nuh leggo u body because the second you start with that crap he'll start looking over  the fence.
6. Never knowing anything about anything annoys a man no end.  Yes he likes being your knight in shining armour but puppa jesas gal how u fi  nuh know nutten at all.  Know where  your garage is, know how to  buy parts at the shop  n know how to run weh a bwoy when him a put argument  to you n you have you good good man a yard.... 
7. Don't beg beg...  Ambulance  girls your time has ended. If your constantly  begging your man for things and have nothing meaningful to add to the relationship  then you will be left.  A man appreciates  a woman who can pull her own weight and contribute  when needed especially in this hard and harsh economic  time.
8.  Lastly if you want to loose you man forget this one cardinal rule.....  Lady in the streets freak wherever (forget  sheets they are outdated)  him want it.  Men love and will cherish a woman who knows how to be a proper lady when she is in public but is his own personal  pinky, Kim kardashian,  Pamela Anderson and dominatrix all wrapped up in one,  He loves when you are able to be that for him and only him. Some women  get it backwards n show trampy behaviour on public and get left out in the cold...  Cover the man's goods and leave certain behaviour  fah behind closed  doors...  Forget that and get left.

Some people  may forget these simple things and get left and some may question my knowledge but I'm  surrounded  by men who I speak to, I have brothers and I listen...
As sis Shields always seh: '' Mercy... Who have ears to hear let him hear''

Sunday, 13 April 2014

If u nuh...U nah...

When a man finds a woman he finds a very good thing and when you find a good woman you should do everything in your power to keep her... There are some things that I've noticed that often cause men to loose their precious gems.
 listen carefully now men:
1.  If you act inferior she will treat you as such and might even find someone who does not have an inferiority complex. The worst thing a man can do is act like he isn't good enough for the lady that has chosen and agreed to be with him .
2.  Every woman hates a clinger, its nice to have a man that wants to spend time with you, but, for the love of Mary Joseph and all that's good do you really need to see her every single day, be all up in her face all the time, know what she is doing all the time? if you cling you will get left... everyone needs and deserves some space.
3. If u wanna get left just try to get her  to give you a running schedule of her  day, everyday! stalkerish behavior much. No adult wants to answer questions about where they are going and what they'll be doing at every waking moment, this will become tedious and cause a girl to combust.
4. Try to hate on her male friends. Girls hold their male friends close to their  hearts, they are the guys that help them out when a tire needs to be changed, when a bulb needs to be changed, and these are the capable shoulders that will drop fists in a heartbeat when some dude steps to her in public. A man trying to get a girl to drop her teddies will get him dropped in  a heartbeat.
5. Diss her best friends. Dem might chat nuff and they might impose on your private time but they were there before you and if you rude dem a guh deh deh after u.
6. Not acknowledging that you got the cream of the crop.  Men often compare their women to others they see and what they envisioned in their minds eyes, men need to  realize that their woman is the best of the best  and they should consider themselves lucky to have been chosen to be apart of her life. (you coulda coochiless and hungry innah dutty clothes)
7. Like some a things she does and pretend to be interested.    Enough said
8. Try  to keep her away from her ex especially if they left on amicable terms, now you trying to come in and assert yourself but don't think that you can push out the person that was there before you. the woman you want has to decide that you can  fit into this persons role take over and improve her life and love her the way she   deserves if u try force up  you ago get force out.
9. Try to check her phone. Not even gonna go there.
10. forgetting  that the way you pamper and preen her is the way you'll be treated in return.
men need to understand that a hundred percent given will be a hundred percent returned, women will pamper and take care of a man who does the same for her to her last breath, however if u forget how to treat her she will forget about you.

Monday, 7 April 2014

The straw that broke this camels back.

I've been going through a whole load a stuff and through  all the  madness I have not  shed  a single  tear...  Things  have  been falling  apart around me and nothing... Then  this  morning  as I got to work I had  one  small accident  and  the flood gates opened...  I couldn't  come  outta d bathroom for about  fifteen minutes because I couldn't stop  crying.  The incident wasn't  that big... Things weren't that  bad  but  today the cumulative force of everything came down n hit me like a brick to the side of the head.... I was  overwhelmed n overwhelmed in  the  worst  possible way....

I was  so  overwhelmed it was  hard to put into exact words what all the things I had weighting down on me were.... I asked God what I had done to be going through this time, what I could do to get rid of it n I kept crying n crying...  I've come to the realisation as I sit at my desk  that I can't change what is happening n u can't remove my trial all I can do is pray n continue to grin n bear it.... God  seh him  nah gimmi more  than mi can bear.... Although  a small straw  broke my back I refuse  to  let  it keep me down I'll get  up n get  my  ass moving......

Thank  you R. Smile.....  The  little  Rock that  I cry to  when I have noone or nowhere  else to go.....

Sunday, 6 April 2014

I've learnt

Things I've learnt in twenties..
1. Friends are expendable true friends you can't live without...
True friends are the people you turn to when things are going great, when things are awful, when your life is a mess but then you can't live without them and they make everything better.
2. A job is a must... a job no matter how big or small will keep u feeling sane and relevant. .. no job equals pure bills, stress n caan guh nowhere or duh nutten.
3. If u listen to u church brothers n sisters u loose u soul salvation. . Focus on u n Jesus, follow his leading... know him for urself. The things ppl say hurt n church people seek to hurt.
4. Enjoy your life now cuz all too soon there is gonna be too much busy time to do squat.
5.  family comes first... apart from your true friends these are the only peoples opinions that you should care about. They will support you when you need it and call you out on your every single time.
6. Your tolerance for bull will wane and it will cost you many acquaintances.You are going to become the one people fear to bring foolishness to because you wont spear a second in calling them out.
7. Your ability to "bleach" stay up all night will become less and less. Trust me you'll still think you can do it but by 1'oclock if your lucky your gonna wanna be home in your bed wrapped up with your man or your teddy bear fast asleep.
8. Never say Never... never thought youd have kids.. guess again... never thought you'd be single... glance to your left never thought youd say never welcome to the real world, it wont be easy to accept but it comes with its perks.... Ill never stop eating ice cream....
9. Its good to still watch cartoons and a little Disney sometimes it helps you to smile and not totally freak out about the economy, the impending loss of a job, how the bills will be paid.. you know typical adult problems... just pick an evening a day if you have the time and just be a kid.
10 Finally Ive learnt that the things that make you happy at the moment might not be the best thing for you... look for things that make you happy in the long term things that make your heart sing.... Temporary people and temporary things leggo dat.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I'm not too sold on this thing

When I was younger I never thought of myself getting married and so while other young girls were busy planning this elaborate fantasy I was there looking like, where are my snacks? When I got older I started to think about this marriage thing because I thought heck I have a great man, we get along very very well why not get married , we discussed it and I was ok with the notion of this marriage fantasy until braps the man mash up the two a we life, and dang it I was back in the land of "who cares about this marriage thing" for one I was alone and Two I still wasn't completely sold on the idea.

Now here I am closer to this blasted dreaded thirty  than I am to my Twenties and I'm still not sold on the idea. Bwoy mi probably just too miserable, too I can do me and get by, too little things like that don't matter, too I can't be bothered to be a mother to an adult man forever, too mi nah gi u my heart a hell because you truly cant handle it at all.

Marriage is good (Ive heart from the same men and women who bun  and are utterly miserable in their marriages) Marriages take a lot of work but  can be quite rewarding (say my divorced friends) I am happily unmarried or so I tell myself and I just dont see myself in a marriage relationship; this then lends itself  to  greater questions; Am I not satisfied  where I am, Is my partner not my perfect other half, Am I too selfish to share my world with someone else?  mi nuh agree with any a these thoughts a baxide....

 I'm just not sold on this marriage thing.

Friday, 21 March 2014

I will have mustard seed faith

The other day I decided that I needed to go on a fast and so I did and to be honest I thoroughly enjoyed the euphoric feeling when I was done. I was a a bit lighter and a bit more cheerful. Fast forward a couple of days, I'm driving home from work and suddenly my car comes to a halt at a stop light it wont go forward or backward and I'm blocking the road, I restart the engine and get to a safer spot on the road where I park, knowing that something is obviously extremely wrong I begin to call around and I can get a hold of noone in my mind i am lonely slightly scared and wondering what I am tot do.
Immediately this feeling of dispair comes over me and I begin to question God and ask why he has allowed me this trial at this point in my life and how how could abandon me like this. Things in my life following my fast had quickly started to crumble (as my feeble mind would over react it) my clock broke, I slammed my fingers almost breaking one, I was genuinely wondering how I would manage the rest of the month and then that. it was all too overwhelming I wondered and questioned god and his powers and ability to guide and help me.
later that night I was in my house thinking about all that had happened to me and it hit me... Why was I questioning the motives of the man in whose hands I had put my life only a few days before the man i know is all powerful and all knowing? Yes my car shut off and ill need a major overhall or divine intervention but what if I was saved from a major accident that could have proven deadly, my finger got slammed and bled it could have been broken my clock stopped working it could have been my heart. I refuse to allow the feeble attempts of the devil to thwart me and make me doubt my god I'm gonna keep to it, stick to it, have faith in and work and wait patiently for my lord to deliver me from my tests.

Dedicated to AGT always having faith and never doubting you inspire me...  

Saturday, 15 March 2014

I dont have to love you, but I do have to like you

Im begining to to think that love is over rated. Am I wrong to feel this way? when did I begin to feel this way? And how can I change the way I feel?

The flurry of love is awesome always wanting to be around this person. Kissing them is new so it excites and rabbits have nothing on you in the sack but when all the flurry dies down,
The breathing becomes even, you start to notice the persons flaws will love be enough to hold that relationship together? my answer is hell to the freaking no.

Ive come to realise That while loving someone is good it cant be the defining factor when choosing someone to call your spouse, someone you'll choose to live with for the rest of your life.    Love van never feed you and if you've decided to have children feed children (dem nyam nufff) I believe that a partner who is a provider someone who seeks to ensure that they match you in wages or far outways should be a prime candidate a man who sits back n allows a woman to pay the bills, feed himself and her is a man to be scorned.

I think a partner who one can tolerate and who you genuinely like should be given preference over someone who is simply loved because when this person pisses you off and the "love" begins to waver  u can always always always find something to like or tolerate about the chosen lover.  If most women are like me then I know that if a man slips up enough we get fed up .. fed up with his clothes on the ground, his not being able to feed himself and his desire to constantly have you at his heel that's where like and tolerance are most handy ... those tiny tests of faith.

Love is good love is emensly wonderful... I kid you not but having someone who shares the same views that you do, that wants the same things that you do is far more valuable I believe than simply having someone you love.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

We want justice

Bwoy a tell u bout dem politicians. .. I was driving to my mothers house to day at 5miles per hour and bobbing and weaving to avoid the one million and one potholes on the road and while doing so I was quarrelling and asking myself where the blasted mp was then I went on my instagram and and there he was cutting all kinds a pose with all different kinds a ppl and things and the blasted road out fi mash up mi lil guzzler (the name of my poor old car).
    When the elections were under way this gentleman was contested by someone I thought was a worthy and by far better opponent but because he wasnt from the parish people made a big deal and didn't vote for him now we are stuck with this lizard of a road that refuses to give us suitable roads to drive on...
    Jamaicans are so averse to change that they would rather put up wid a big farred teifing politician who lies and does nothing for them than chance the unknown... im non partisan and I must say ill always vote for who has the best plans and not necessarily who I know... im sick of the  same nothingness year after blasted year.
We need to grow as citizens if we are to ever get what we truly deserve from these men and women who profess to have our best intrests at heart. What we want ...change... when we want it. .. now ... for better living conditions ,for better roads, for better leadership baxide im a born n bred Jamaican :

Im grateful

I appreciate the things in life that I have simply because for the most part I know I couldn't do  without them... I appreciate all the things my family has done for me I appreciate every thing that v.d has done for me. Ive never been one to not acknowledge the good that others have done for me but as I look around and I see some of the problems that other persons are having and I must say praise jesus that im not in their position.
     There are some persons who for no reason of their own have ended up on the shitty end of the stick and and some have put themselves there who have noone to help them.  Throughout my life ive had persons who have gone out of their way and made  it their point of duty to ensure that ive had a good footing and that im comfortable. To these persons I say I am truly grateful and completely appreciative.
The belief that these persons have put in me has caused me to want to achieve, do well and make not only them proud but myself as well. Bwoy without them I don't know where    I would be. The constant words of encouragement the need to know what ill be doing with my mind next makes me want to do better makes me want to do more things to be a  better me and I am grateful. ...

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised when u pleasantly surprised me..... Im a very unassuming person when it comes to certain things dear I even say naiive and im happy I didn't judge u because as I said you pleasantly surprised me . Ur touch ur smell your smile nothing like I expected it to be but everything in sure God intended it to be.

U epitomize what chocolate n fine wine with roses on the side feels like. U make little things important and bad things seem more than bearable. .. ur my it my I want my need my  I got to have all the time everytime I'm filled with endless desire.

I trust u with me .. my heart my most prized possession because u pleasantly surprised me.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Little by little

Little by little I've realised that my mom has been right all along... when I was growing up she kept telling're an old woman in a young girls body...meaning I act and think wiser than my years.  I know that Im smart I know Im beautiful  but can others or do others really see this as well or am I simply like an  ugly girl who refuses to accept that she is ugly(living in denial)... am I too confident to realise my flaws...
  I keep hearing youve achieved much more than many people years and years older than u but I'm not convinced .. I think im operating way below my true potential... ive been in a slump and because of this slump ive become complacent ...
Little by little I'm trying to come out to do something to try new things n this little by little has been the hardest couple a weeks in a long time. Who knew that getting oneself out of a rut n trying to be a  better person could be so hard. ..  But its at these times that my Wiseness kicks in n I am reminded that little by little I can do whatever I want.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I need more and I need it now

Settling for less than u  truly deserve. ..

What d hell is wrong with us women treating these men like they kings and in return  being treated like humble foot servants. .. Most women don't require much a little  maintenance here n there... u like pretty hair and nails seeing women on point at all times why not chipping in once in a while. .

   You like to be fed like an arab king the finest of fine food sleep on more than 500 thread counts... what the hell u think these things just pop up outta d sky n into ur plates and on your beds.. I heard a lady commentating the other day and she made the point that women should stop spoiling men and leading them to believe that their asses should be spoilt. ..
  Men should be treated with the utmost respect at all times especially when they are pulling their weight and being truly dominant. .. These men who want to be spoilt without  bringing anything to the table should be thrown in the garbage like ten day old chinese food. We women need to assert ourselves and put our requirements on the table and if he cant live up he should leave us to find someone we can work with and be truly successful with.
   Women need to stop stringing along on the hope that these men will realise their place and love them the way they deserve to be loved. ...  u cant change the stripes on a zebra so stop trying to change these half grown... no place knowing... aint going nowhere...looking ass men.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My love

Encountering true love is something most persons experience once in all their lives if at all but Im truly privileged that early in my years I experienced a love that I truly believe that as long as I live I will never be able to compare with anything else. ...
   I met the gentleman at a point in my life when I was becoming a woman and I needed someone to love me n to validate my sense of being and he did this and did this well. ... he made me feel like the type of woman that could conquer the world, that could take on any task and master it and he also made believe that I was nothing but the most special gift that God had given him.
   By helping me to become the woman I am today I was able to love him the way I fear no one else in my life will ever be loved again I was able to not only give up my heart but my entirety to him simply because I knew I loved him and he truly loved me. Sometimes for reasons beyond our control and reasons we foolishly create we ruin love , we walk away from love, we walk away from persons who love us walk, away from situations that have filled our life with utter joy to find other joy...We walk into uncertainty that can only be certain when we make a concerted effort to walk....

Not all that glittere is gold. ...
I loved you... I love you...

Sunday, 16 February 2014

U nuh ready fi dis yet bwoy

Im looking and noticing that now adays men have a major problem with identifying and staying in their lanes... Ive been getting a whole lot a you've changed and you're unhappy and you're getting boring simply because ive decided that im not gonna be entertaining certain arguments any more or im not gonna laugh at lame jokes or talk when I dont want to any more... ill be your friend ill talk to u but im putting way more effort into some of these relationships than I seem to be getting out of them...
   Im not looking for much just a genuine hello once in a while... what is genuine u may that is not followed by a statement about what u want to do to my body or what youd like to do to me... im getting older n with my age seems to come all this renewed sense of self and identity... im sure of who I am.. what I want and who I want.
    Too often women think they have to fit into the ideals of what their male friends want simply to fit in or to be looked up to by these men... im saying stop that bull whats wrong with you... whats wrong with your personality why u have to taylor it and sexualise yourself to fit into the ideals of some so called friend. .. a friend that has probably never ever bought u a rose, given u a piece a chocolate or treated u the way u know that as a woman u deserve to be treated... ladies take this from me... im young I may be foolish but ive come to learn one thing... women that demand and stand up what they really want are never ever treated less than they deserve. ..

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rude pickney

Todeh I was called into my superior's office because apparently they had gotten reports that I had sent some children from my classroom. .. instead of calling me n asking me what took place the chairman of the board n the gentleman had the students write letters of complaints which was to be placed on my file. ... It seems the good lord spoke and they called me. .. I sat there. .. listening as the three young liad, feisty,  waan bathe lil gal dem said all manner of evils n eventually proved their own stories false. .. At the end I got up without a word n left... vindicated n feeling upset....
   You might ask urselves upset but why... yes mi did vex till if u cut mi nuh blood nuh leff in nah mi body. ...
1. I was upset because the superior in question did not ask mi my view before jumping to conclusions...
2. How pickney suh blasted lie... imagine dem gals skull mi class den waan tell lie pan mi....
The blinking devil a tell mi Fi  hate dem. ..nuh mark dem paper etc... But u know what... I'm just gonna ignore them because nothing drives an attention seeker crazy like no attention.    After all there are a couple other young ladies in my class that need my attention n guidance. ...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

double standards

      If I don't kiss your butt I can't get what I want. In the world of work  my ability to suck up or lack there of should not dictate whether I get promoted or not. My personal choice to not sleep with you, to not have you feel me up, to not have you constantly breathing down my gullet should not and I repeat not affect my moving up in the company to which I have been employed.
     I wonder do I blast my my boss if he tries this or do I accept it as a normal part of the work environment. Employers  are known as the ones with the power, does that then mean that whatever they dish out their employees have to accept, apparently some persons are under this impression and they don't know how to say no when they are propositioned. Employees  need to learn to stand up and not use their bodies are bargaining pieces. Yes it is good to make a little extra money to have a little power ,but, at what expense?
   Before we make certain decisions lets think of the consequences of the actions we make...
Are we willing to have someone have a hold over our heads because we are afraid that they may release our secret and cause us public embarrassment.

Employees stop the foolishness... run weh d ole cunnu munnu bosses with the bad attitude and behaviour

Monday, 20 January 2014

Why hello there for the first time

At exactly I think it was three sumn I decided my life was way too interesting to keep to myself. There are days when I'm attacked by crazy people, accosted by angry parents, when teenage students forget that I'm their teacher and try to woo me and when I'm just so utterly grateful for being alive that i could shout it from the tree tops. Its January 2014 and as I embark upon this journey as an educated Jamaican woman…. unwed, without child and debt for the most part (though burdened by the thought of the impending  new taxes) I've decided to write and to share… my circle may be small but I hope you enjoy this roller coaster of a journey that I'm about to take you on and nothing will be off limits………. nothing….