Sunday, 23 November 2014

Big up to Mi real frens

Friends... They will make you or they will break you.  Over the years I haven't been a very social being therefore I haven't picked up many friends, but, the ones I met along the way have taught me some very valuable lessons....

Lesson one...
Some people are only in friendships for what they can gain..  Be it money, sex, information to take and trade or just for having information sake or food.  These friends are plentiful and hard to weave through for they appear genuine but life is always easier without them. 

Lesson Two
The friends you think you need the most are the people you can live without most times...  These are the people who affect you and help to define you in ways that may cause you to loose yourself, it is important to keep yourself and your head above the sea of madness that  these friends come with or you may find yourself becoming replicas of these people.

Lesson Three

Friends are supposed to have your back but some persons take this too literally and you end up piggy backing them through the duration of the friendship.  Every relationship is supposed to be a Fifty fifty...  If you friend nah pull dem weight...  Cut dem off.

Lesson Four
Not all friends are good at giving advice.
If you follow some friends they lead you down into the pit of fiery destruction.  Sometimes instead of consulting friends it's best to take some time, Think about the situation and make the decision that's in the best interest of yourself and whoever the hell else the situation might concern.

Lesson five
Sometimes the people you meet late in life and who you've formed bonds with can mean more to you than those you've known all your life.  A group of friends shouldn't be people you try to fit your self into but who know your quirks, know your little idiosyncrasies and the group is that much better because of it.

Lesson Six
Do not try to make the friendship complicated...  Love is a simple thing and that's all  a friendship needs to survive..  Love and with that will come honesty, selflessness, genuine care and concern and bonds that will form a life time.

Chris Martin - Fi Mi Friend Dem (Official Video) …: