Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bedroom bully

No matter how a man loves to behave as though he is the king of the bedroom I kid you not ladies a you run things.  I have encountered so many women and have heard so many stories about chatty mouth men that have fallen flat on their faces (not in the good way ladies) when the time comes for them to prove them selves. I have come to the conclusion that these men think they are doing  well because ladies your asses be putting it down so  damn good on these fellows that they mistake your work for theirs.
Men are always talking about how many women they have slept with how dem dagger dis and dagger that but most a dem never ever realise that it is the  woman who  does all of the work and hence they were slept with and they were daggered.  

Women are the wheels that keep the sex in a  relationship going, we buy the sexy lingerie, we buy the candles, the chocolates, the scented this and flavored that and yet  men take the  glory for whatever goes on in the bedroom. If it weren't for women sex would simply be for the man to bust a nut, we however have taken this bland wonderful activity and created a fine piece of artistic expression which by no means would be complete without the men in our lives.  If one day all women were to stop going above and beyond for their men in the bedroom I'm sure there would be national and international fasting on men's parts as they would all loose their way.

Women don't walk around talking about how they have conquered, how they made the man cry and bawl fi him modda, How all him coulda duh when she dun wid him a roll over and sleep (Maybe we should though and see how many have  the balls that God gave them to face their friends)  Men go around parading their so called conquests as though it is an activity they performed all on their own without the assistance of the woman. Mek a woman lay down and nuh move, mek she even pretend to be uninterested when a man prepositions her and see how good the act is for him.

We a the bedroom bully and a we run things no matter what a man thinks or would like himself to believe.