Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bum wuk

"It's not the way u walk 
An' it's not the way u talk 
An' it's not your beat up car 
U definitely ain't no movie star 
It's not the clothes u wear 
An' it's not your nappy hair 
It's not your gangsta flex 
Baby it's all about de sex "

I keep hearing people say relationships need trust,  relationships need friendship,  relationships need money..  Trust me... Me know it needs all those things but  when all else fails if a relationship has the "boom wuk" u can best believe that not even the rock of  Gibraltar can shake it.

Humans since the beginning of time have been known to be sexual, intimate beings whose need for intimacy has caused wars, disturbances of piece and the ruination of great kingdoms.  All those things are  horrible but bwoy when d wuk right anything goes and you will do anything to keep it alive.

I've seen people whose lack of "boom wuk"  cause them to wither down and look like they are close to death(me nah  mek dat happen to me) Everyone  needs a little  something to relax them and  make them feel better when  life just  isn't going quite right. 

People wonder why  persons leave their husbands , children, jobs and countries and go  off with people they have just  met... it's because the  "boom wuk" talk.  Have you ever seen some poor poor poor persons and yet they are happy and  they are not looking to upgrade for betterment... They will stay poor together because of the "boom wuk".

A relationship  can survive with a lack of many things but it cannot survive with a lack of the  "boom wuk" I'm  not talking about the momma poppa wuk mi a talk bout d caan walk, tears come a eye,  repent and beg for Jesus kinda wuk.  Please don't get me wrong every wuk won't be boomy but just like church if you go every sabbath and you don't feel the  spirit sometimes you gonna get bored and  stray.

Tanya Stephens got it right she knew what she was saying when she  sang boom wuk.... 

Happy Sunday.... Happy wukking people...

Sunday, 18 May 2014

To the left...If your ass ain't ain't with the progress

  There comes a time in everyone's life when they question the things and people around them, they don't question things or people because they are in no way mean or they want to rid themselves of these things but the older you get the more you are tempted to put life into perspective.
     I wonder how it is that persons go through their whole lives and not change anything about themselves, they don't try to make themselves better in any way, they just freaking exist. The other day I was going through one of those thought filled spells and a friend of mine told me that he  didn't like that I was changing. I kid you not but life is not stagnant, from what I see its constantly evolving... Why be stagnant in an ever evolving world?
If you find yourself on the verge of  a positive change and someone tries to hold you down or get you to change your mind leave them and go on about your own business. The people in your life should make the positive changes you wish to make easier not more difficult. If you find a spouse , coworker, friend, family member trying to keep you down let them go on about their business its very likely that your life will be ten times better without them.
   I keep seeing persons trying to hang on to the things in their lives that are obviously bad for them. Why must we as human torture ourselves and want all the things that are not good for us? That's like Eve in the freaking garden of Eden knowing that the blasted apple was bad for her and still taking a chunk out of it and not keeping it to herself but also giving it to the person she loved most her husband Adam. Sometimes there will be persons who we love and who love us but they are no good for us and we need to just let them go no matter how painful it's going be.
       Ive decided that there will be things that I want, and there will be some changes that I will have to make in order to achieve what I want and I wont be afraid to let go; to let go of people and let go of things that might want to hold me back.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Goodbye... Dear friend

Sitting outside accidents and emergency  and the force of it all hits home.  Last night I saw you  and though sick u were your sweet self and today right now I wait on the doctor  with your death certificate  to take him back to the house.
This experience  is one I wish never to have again but as inevitable   and sure as death is I'm sure I'll be here again.  I can't believe that someone  who I've grown to appreciate  is gone  so suddenly without a goodbye without a touch and it pains my heart.  It hurts to look at your nephews and see the hurt in their faces and their tears and to hear them  wale because you are gone and you'll never come back...  This experience  has proven a teacher though.

  I've learnt that I should love the people  in my life with all my  HEART and treat them like they are one in a million   because the last goodbye could  be 'the last goodye'

I've learnt that the good we do today is the best thing we can do loving and doing good....

I've learnt that  we should appreciate  each moment  we have with the people we hold dear because today the good you do might make a world of difference  in their lives.

Don't take for granted anything  at all nothing not one single thing.

Sadness is inevitable  and happiness  is eminent.  Don't dwell on the sad stuff.

The people  in our lives will go  and the moment  will be sad but we should  cherish the time we have never  ever hop over anyone's feeling and never ever take anyone for granted.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

You said you loved me... so why cant we be friends?

Why is it that two people who said that they loved each other  sometimes for exceptionally long periods of time find it so difficult to be friends after a breakup? It is my belief that when you love someone  and love them deeply the love you feel for them just doesn't die after a breakup, the love will always be there if it was true just in another form than it was before. Love is something that is shared between sensible adults (I should hope) it is an exceptionally wonderful thing that causes one to sacrifice greatly for the sake of the others happiness, but, since the beginning of time it has been fact that although two people love each other they may not be an ideal combination. Being in love  means that you are happy  and in all things happiness over rules. Real love, perfect love as ordained by master God comes with happiness, not perpetual happiness as there will be rough patches but for the most part there should be happiness.

   When two persons find that they are not working out and they walk away from the relationship there will be hurt on some level for both individuals and so both persons should be considerate and facilitate the smooth sailing of the breakup for the other person  . If there was real love in a relationship after a breakup  the other person should be able to call you and say hello, they should be able to call and find out how you are doing. The relationship after the breakup of two persons that love each other should be such that they automatically fall into being good friends.

Now it is all good and well for individuals to want to be friends with their estranged significant other but when there were instances of cheating and abuse that led to the desolation of the relationship persons might need a chance to heal and come into their own before they are able to trust and relate as they did before.
In my own foolish way I'm a romantic of the worst kind I always believe that a relationship that was once good and well can always be rekindled and there is noway that that can be done if the exes refuse to be amicable and build a relationship where they are friends again and get to know the other person in ways that they did not know them before.

If I use to sleep with you, you used to share with me your deepest darkest secrets, you used to come to me about the important things in your life and we break up please I beg you to tell me why we cant be friends?