Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bum wuk

"It's not the way u walk 
An' it's not the way u talk 
An' it's not your beat up car 
U definitely ain't no movie star 
It's not the clothes u wear 
An' it's not your nappy hair 
It's not your gangsta flex 
Baby it's all about de sex "

I keep hearing people say relationships need trust,  relationships need friendship,  relationships need money..  Trust me... Me know it needs all those things but  when all else fails if a relationship has the "boom wuk" u can best believe that not even the rock of  Gibraltar can shake it.

Humans since the beginning of time have been known to be sexual, intimate beings whose need for intimacy has caused wars, disturbances of piece and the ruination of great kingdoms.  All those things are  horrible but bwoy when d wuk right anything goes and you will do anything to keep it alive.

I've seen people whose lack of "boom wuk"  cause them to wither down and look like they are close to death(me nah  mek dat happen to me) Everyone  needs a little  something to relax them and  make them feel better when  life just  isn't going quite right. 

People wonder why  persons leave their husbands , children, jobs and countries and go  off with people they have just  met... it's because the  "boom wuk" talk.  Have you ever seen some poor poor poor persons and yet they are happy and  they are not looking to upgrade for betterment... They will stay poor together because of the "boom wuk".

A relationship  can survive with a lack of many things but it cannot survive with a lack of the  "boom wuk" I'm  not talking about the momma poppa wuk mi a talk bout d caan walk, tears come a eye,  repent and beg for Jesus kinda wuk.  Please don't get me wrong every wuk won't be boomy but just like church if you go every sabbath and you don't feel the  spirit sometimes you gonna get bored and  stray.

Tanya Stephens got it right she knew what she was saying when she  sang boom wuk.... 

Happy Sunday.... Happy wukking people...