Sunday, 4 May 2014

You said you loved me... so why cant we be friends?

Why is it that two people who said that they loved each other  sometimes for exceptionally long periods of time find it so difficult to be friends after a breakup? It is my belief that when you love someone  and love them deeply the love you feel for them just doesn't die after a breakup, the love will always be there if it was true just in another form than it was before. Love is something that is shared between sensible adults (I should hope) it is an exceptionally wonderful thing that causes one to sacrifice greatly for the sake of the others happiness, but, since the beginning of time it has been fact that although two people love each other they may not be an ideal combination. Being in love  means that you are happy  and in all things happiness over rules. Real love, perfect love as ordained by master God comes with happiness, not perpetual happiness as there will be rough patches but for the most part there should be happiness.

   When two persons find that they are not working out and they walk away from the relationship there will be hurt on some level for both individuals and so both persons should be considerate and facilitate the smooth sailing of the breakup for the other person  . If there was real love in a relationship after a breakup  the other person should be able to call you and say hello, they should be able to call and find out how you are doing. The relationship after the breakup of two persons that love each other should be such that they automatically fall into being good friends.

Now it is all good and well for individuals to want to be friends with their estranged significant other but when there were instances of cheating and abuse that led to the desolation of the relationship persons might need a chance to heal and come into their own before they are able to trust and relate as they did before.
In my own foolish way I'm a romantic of the worst kind I always believe that a relationship that was once good and well can always be rekindled and there is noway that that can be done if the exes refuse to be amicable and build a relationship where they are friends again and get to know the other person in ways that they did not know them before.

If I use to sleep with you, you used to share with me your deepest darkest secrets, you used to come to me about the important things in your life and we break up please I beg you to tell me why we cant be friends?