Sunday, 3 January 2016

Why worry...

You know what I worry about? 
I worry that after a long engagement the person who has asked me to marry them will suddenly realise all my flaws and decide that I am no longer worthy of their love and admiration. I worry that the man who will ask me to be his will look past my grand facade of bravery,he will look beyond all my bragadoso, he will look beyond my wonderfully prepared meals, he will look beyond my goddess like looks and my awe inspiring prowess in the bedroom and he will see me. 

What's wrong with me you ask . Nothing from the point of view of many but the fact that I've had a couple men being interested in me and the same men telling me that I'm wife material and I'm not yet married causes a girl to wonder.
I'm worried that I may be requiring too much of the men I meet. Am I ? Do you know me? I'm open to council...  I'm worried that I may be too demanding when it comes to the needs that a man must fulfil and the time in which they are to be fulfilled . I'm worried that I may never get married. I'm worried that the society has become one where the men around want a good decent woman like myself and asks us to put up with an endless slew of bullshit/infidelity. They want to have their beautiful cake and eat it as well. I'm worried that my lack of putupsy with foolishness will cause me to be forever single.

What I am not worried about however is the ability of these men and some good ones at that to wife the utter worst of worst women and live a life of utter dis pair  while the bodies and minds of some rather auspicious women are left to wither into the oblivion called old age.

I am not worried that the lord knows exactly what he is doing and is saving me not only from some asshole that would thoroughly and utterly ruin my life but he is honing me to perfection for him. He is keeping this fine body, this fine mind single because he wants to make me the best me for my future husband and child. 

I'm not worried for I know that in 2016 (although I have made no resolutions of my own) the Lord will grant the desires of my heart according to his wisdom and glory and my single friends this year is our yeAr 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁