Sunday, 19 April 2015

Say no to relationships

Relationships can be real tricky things not because there is any much game to be run or strategies to work but simply because two completely different persons with different personalities, different  desires, different outlooks on life and  different work ethics are thrust together by hormones and pheromones and they are expected to compromise and make a joyful union.

Sometimes all we want is for a relationship to work either because we are smitten with the person and we love their ways or we don't see them not being apart of our lives or the complicated and age old problem our parents love them so we are forced to try and love them to or as my good friend puts it those who are in relationships because they are afraid to be alone.

Ive learnt over time that being in a relationship is straineous work and sometimes all the work that needs to be be put in reassuring the other person of your faithfulness and loyalty, going out of your way to make the other person happy and most times not having that reciprocated , dropping the friends who may pose a problem to the relationship  sometimes the hastle just isnt worth it not because you dont love the  person but because most times the sacrifices end up bing one sided and you feel your being seeping away with every sacrifice you make.

I remember being in college and my first real boyfriend was an ok guy he tried to make me happy but he had a problem "that hoe wasnt loyal" every skirt tail blow him run behind it. I stayed out of loyalty and trust me it was the most awful and harrowing experience of my life he was  getting with my classmates, my friends, people he met on the street random girls on campus and then it struck me why be in a relationship that is so straineous and it ended.

It makes no sense being in a relationship just because you think you need to be or because in your mind you think the other person will not be able to get on without you. Do you and make you happy.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Bully fi who

"you know seh if  yuh follow some people you hate them"
Now this imposter caterpillar has been on my case for a while now and for the life of me I cannot figure out why this dun grow troll wont leave my name out of her mouth. Why must she live on my name like a back pocket rag?

I thought bullying was left behind when we graduated high school and at a stretch college. Why must big / adult people engage in such atrocious acts and try to make adults lives worst than they have to be. After my little bout with the enemy I looked around  and I realized that bullying has become a norm, (or was I naive enough to believe that adults didn't bully) its almost as though the harsh economic times and the fact that some persons lives is utterly miserable has forced them to want to make other persons lives miserable as hell.

A friend of mine who is much more aggressive than I am,and a male, related the story to me of how a woman tried to "bully" him and thought she could manage him and when she ran for reinforcement from a friend when her initial attacks failed he had to properly sort out both their businesses. Why cant we mind our own business and pay our many burdening bills and leave other people alone.

When I watch the news I see so many persons being gunned down and they were not involved in any obvious criminal activities I am led to believe that some of these persons were bullies and tried to bully just the wrong individual and sorry to say "get weh d duck get". Before we act on what I have heard is human nature I implore all to think strongly about how others might feel when certain actions are meeted out to them and the physical response that they might be met with when they do certain things . After all,  human beings are physical creatures, they have feelings  and they want nothing but to feel comfortable and when the aggressor thinks they are going to add fuel to a fire burning from a lack of money , a lack of an adequate partner, a lack of a suitable job ,a lack of comfortable  living situations and bills  which seem to want to choke the life out of most Jamaicans the backup they  run to when the fecal matter hits the oscillation device might not be enough to help...

Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

Fresh meat

So the weirdest thing happened to me  not so long ago and I must say that bwoy it is the most horrifying experience in the world. Nothing that anyone can describe or that you can fathom in your mind could ever compare to the feeling of being pushed aside for someone obviously younger.

I know many of you are saying "whaaaaatttttt you barely wipe the milk from you mouth yet you a talk bout", but trust me, when the person you  are trying to build with pushes you aside for a young lass fresh  outta diapers it causes you to question yourself, your worth, your beauty both inside and out and everything that once made you feel beautiful and special in the first place.

Initially hearing about men cheating  with younger women I would say apparently she not doing something she should, maybe she lost the luster in the bedroom or its just that he cant be bothered with her old foot ways but when the shoe fit me I wanted to kick it off and shove it up his butt.

What is it about younger women, women who cant cook, who they cant be seen in public with or whom he cannot take seriously cause them either still in the beg a phone card stage or the please call me stage. What attracts a man to a younger woman? As I am not a  man i will never understand and honestly at this point I don't think I would want to understand either because somethings/habits are simply male and nothing a woman does will ever allow her to truly understand the reasoning behind such actions.

What I learnt from this experience is that I should never base my self worth on how others view me because if it was meant to be that way it would be called others worth. I learnt that I should never count my chickens before they hatch because things can change in the blink of an eye, when a situation is least expected and a situation is hardest to handle. Ive learnt that a man will always go for the freshest meat in the showcase (rotfl...i crack myself up) be it prison worthy or not and Ive also learnt that if a man wants to leave there is nothing a woman can do to stop him (a betta u mek d bugga gwaan guh taste the bitta grass out deh).

Give it some space

By nature I'm not necessarily the mushiest of persons nor am I the clingiest but I do my fair share of both. What I have noticed lately however is that its now the norm to have a clingy partner and if the cling isn't turned up 150%  its utter destruction loss of life, etcetera etcetera. Where did this phenomenon come from ? where did it become oK? and when the hell will it end?

Space to grow and exercise individuality is an important part of all relationships, yes you want to be close to the person you have vowed yourself to, yes you can want to  give them adequate time but when you begin to exasperate the person you are with by constantly breathing in their face and bombarding them with your presence then something isDefinitely   wrong.  

A relationship should have adequate together and alone time. Thereshould definitely   be a time when one partner feels some amount of longing to see and be around the other. I personally believe that without space to grow a relationship  will stifle.