Friday, 17 April 2015

Give it some space

By nature I'm not necessarily the mushiest of persons nor am I the clingiest but I do my fair share of both. What I have noticed lately however is that its now the norm to have a clingy partner and if the cling isn't turned up 150%  its utter destruction loss of life, etcetera etcetera. Where did this phenomenon come from ? where did it become oK? and when the hell will it end?

Space to grow and exercise individuality is an important part of all relationships, yes you want to be close to the person you have vowed yourself to, yes you can want to  give them adequate time but when you begin to exasperate the person you are with by constantly breathing in their face and bombarding them with your presence then something isDefinitely   wrong.  

A relationship should have adequate together and alone time. Thereshould definitely   be a time when one partner feels some amount of longing to see and be around the other. I personally believe that without space to grow a relationship  will stifle.