Friday, 17 April 2015

Bully fi who

"you know seh if  yuh follow some people you hate them"
Now this imposter caterpillar has been on my case for a while now and for the life of me I cannot figure out why this dun grow troll wont leave my name out of her mouth. Why must she live on my name like a back pocket rag?

I thought bullying was left behind when we graduated high school and at a stretch college. Why must big / adult people engage in such atrocious acts and try to make adults lives worst than they have to be. After my little bout with the enemy I looked around  and I realized that bullying has become a norm, (or was I naive enough to believe that adults didn't bully) its almost as though the harsh economic times and the fact that some persons lives is utterly miserable has forced them to want to make other persons lives miserable as hell.

A friend of mine who is much more aggressive than I am,and a male, related the story to me of how a woman tried to "bully" him and thought she could manage him and when she ran for reinforcement from a friend when her initial attacks failed he had to properly sort out both their businesses. Why cant we mind our own business and pay our many burdening bills and leave other people alone.

When I watch the news I see so many persons being gunned down and they were not involved in any obvious criminal activities I am led to believe that some of these persons were bullies and tried to bully just the wrong individual and sorry to say "get weh d duck get". Before we act on what I have heard is human nature I implore all to think strongly about how others might feel when certain actions are meeted out to them and the physical response that they might be met with when they do certain things . After all,  human beings are physical creatures, they have feelings  and they want nothing but to feel comfortable and when the aggressor thinks they are going to add fuel to a fire burning from a lack of money , a lack of an adequate partner, a lack of a suitable job ,a lack of comfortable  living situations and bills  which seem to want to choke the life out of most Jamaicans the backup they  run to when the fecal matter hits the oscillation device might not be enough to help...

Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.