Sunday, 18 May 2014

To the left...If your ass ain't ain't with the progress

  There comes a time in everyone's life when they question the things and people around them, they don't question things or people because they are in no way mean or they want to rid themselves of these things but the older you get the more you are tempted to put life into perspective.
     I wonder how it is that persons go through their whole lives and not change anything about themselves, they don't try to make themselves better in any way, they just freaking exist. The other day I was going through one of those thought filled spells and a friend of mine told me that he  didn't like that I was changing. I kid you not but life is not stagnant, from what I see its constantly evolving... Why be stagnant in an ever evolving world?
If you find yourself on the verge of  a positive change and someone tries to hold you down or get you to change your mind leave them and go on about your own business. The people in your life should make the positive changes you wish to make easier not more difficult. If you find a spouse , coworker, friend, family member trying to keep you down let them go on about their business its very likely that your life will be ten times better without them.
   I keep seeing persons trying to hang on to the things in their lives that are obviously bad for them. Why must we as human torture ourselves and want all the things that are not good for us? That's like Eve in the freaking garden of Eden knowing that the blasted apple was bad for her and still taking a chunk out of it and not keeping it to herself but also giving it to the person she loved most her husband Adam. Sometimes there will be persons who we love and who love us but they are no good for us and we need to just let them go no matter how painful it's going be.
       Ive decided that there will be things that I want, and there will be some changes that I will have to make in order to achieve what I want and I wont be afraid to let go; to let go of people and let go of things that might want to hold me back.