Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I'm not too sold on this thing

When I was younger I never thought of myself getting married and so while other young girls were busy planning this elaborate fantasy I was there looking like, where are my snacks? When I got older I started to think about this marriage thing because I thought heck I have a great man, we get along very very well why not get married , we discussed it and I was ok with the notion of this marriage fantasy until braps the man mash up the two a we life, and dang it I was back in the land of "who cares about this marriage thing" for one I was alone and Two I still wasn't completely sold on the idea.

Now here I am closer to this blasted dreaded thirty  than I am to my Twenties and I'm still not sold on the idea. Bwoy mi probably just too miserable, too I can do me and get by, too little things like that don't matter, too I can't be bothered to be a mother to an adult man forever, too mi nah gi u my heart a hell because you truly cant handle it at all.

Marriage is good (Ive heart from the same men and women who bun  and are utterly miserable in their marriages) Marriages take a lot of work but  can be quite rewarding (say my divorced friends) I am happily unmarried or so I tell myself and I just dont see myself in a marriage relationship; this then lends itself  to  greater questions; Am I not satisfied  where I am, Is my partner not my perfect other half, Am I too selfish to share my world with someone else?  mi nuh agree with any a these thoughts a baxide....

 I'm just not sold on this marriage thing.