Sunday, 13 April 2014

If u nuh...U nah...

When a man finds a woman he finds a very good thing and when you find a good woman you should do everything in your power to keep her... There are some things that I've noticed that often cause men to loose their precious gems.
 listen carefully now men:
1.  If you act inferior she will treat you as such and might even find someone who does not have an inferiority complex. The worst thing a man can do is act like he isn't good enough for the lady that has chosen and agreed to be with him .
2.  Every woman hates a clinger, its nice to have a man that wants to spend time with you, but, for the love of Mary Joseph and all that's good do you really need to see her every single day, be all up in her face all the time, know what she is doing all the time? if you cling you will get left... everyone needs and deserves some space.
3. If u wanna get left just try to get her  to give you a running schedule of her  day, everyday! stalkerish behavior much. No adult wants to answer questions about where they are going and what they'll be doing at every waking moment, this will become tedious and cause a girl to combust.
4. Try to hate on her male friends. Girls hold their male friends close to their  hearts, they are the guys that help them out when a tire needs to be changed, when a bulb needs to be changed, and these are the capable shoulders that will drop fists in a heartbeat when some dude steps to her in public. A man trying to get a girl to drop her teddies will get him dropped in  a heartbeat.
5. Diss her best friends. Dem might chat nuff and they might impose on your private time but they were there before you and if you rude dem a guh deh deh after u.
6. Not acknowledging that you got the cream of the crop.  Men often compare their women to others they see and what they envisioned in their minds eyes, men need to  realize that their woman is the best of the best  and they should consider themselves lucky to have been chosen to be apart of her life. (you coulda coochiless and hungry innah dutty clothes)
7. Like some a things she does and pretend to be interested.    Enough said
8. Try  to keep her away from her ex especially if they left on amicable terms, now you trying to come in and assert yourself but don't think that you can push out the person that was there before you. the woman you want has to decide that you can  fit into this persons role take over and improve her life and love her the way she   deserves if u try force up  you ago get force out.
9. Try to check her phone. Not even gonna go there.
10. forgetting  that the way you pamper and preen her is the way you'll be treated in return.
men need to understand that a hundred percent given will be a hundred percent returned, women will pamper and take care of a man who does the same for her to her last breath, however if u forget how to treat her she will forget about you.