Sunday, 6 April 2014

I've learnt

Things I've learnt in twenties..
1. Friends are expendable true friends you can't live without...
True friends are the people you turn to when things are going great, when things are awful, when your life is a mess but then you can't live without them and they make everything better.
2. A job is a must... a job no matter how big or small will keep u feeling sane and relevant. .. no job equals pure bills, stress n caan guh nowhere or duh nutten.
3. If u listen to u church brothers n sisters u loose u soul salvation. . Focus on u n Jesus, follow his leading... know him for urself. The things ppl say hurt n church people seek to hurt.
4. Enjoy your life now cuz all too soon there is gonna be too much busy time to do squat.
5.  family comes first... apart from your true friends these are the only peoples opinions that you should care about. They will support you when you need it and call you out on your every single time.
6. Your tolerance for bull will wane and it will cost you many acquaintances.You are going to become the one people fear to bring foolishness to because you wont spear a second in calling them out.
7. Your ability to "bleach" stay up all night will become less and less. Trust me you'll still think you can do it but by 1'oclock if your lucky your gonna wanna be home in your bed wrapped up with your man or your teddy bear fast asleep.
8. Never say Never... never thought youd have kids.. guess again... never thought you'd be single... glance to your left never thought youd say never welcome to the real world, it wont be easy to accept but it comes with its perks.... Ill never stop eating ice cream....
9. Its good to still watch cartoons and a little Disney sometimes it helps you to smile and not totally freak out about the economy, the impending loss of a job, how the bills will be paid.. you know typical adult problems... just pick an evening a day if you have the time and just be a kid.
10 Finally Ive learnt that the things that make you happy at the moment might not be the best thing for you... look for things that make you happy in the long term things that make your heart sing.... Temporary people and temporary things leggo dat.