Sunday, 19 October 2014

Money Ooooooooo

Watched this episode of sex and the city where the main character Carrie broke up with her fiancé and needed to buy back her apartment. She was  in no place to find a down payment for the apartment or to get a loan from the bank because she  for some reason made no preparations for her future.

Now this got me thinking about how persons in today's society for some reason or the other find it difficult to make themselves financially stable.  It's not that we don't have jobs or that we are completely broke in any sense of the word it's just that when it comes to dealing with the serious financial issues we are incapable.  why tho?

Is it that the society has pushed us to a place where  we can't take care of ourselves no matter how hard we've worked.  I hear my parents telling me how they were able to take care of themselves, what they were able to do when they started to collect their salaries and I think to myself, what the hell? .  Is the economy so bad that my pay no longer means anything .

I don't know how people with kids do it to be honest,  how do they pay bills, buy food and clothes and still manage to have pocket money....  Please one of you tell me? I see single people every day barely able to make ends meet n I wonder to myself is it worth it to have a job if at the end of the day all you're able to do is pay bill, why not just mooch off the government?

I'm not bashing hard work nor am I putting down the importance of independence and trying to make ends meet im just laying it out there to say I understand; I understand when a working person can't find lunch money/taxi fare in the middle of the month.
*Parents I understand when your child has more money than you do and they don't work.
*I understand when you go to the store n decisions have to be made... 
*I understand the anger you feel when you hear someone talking about all the pay you get.
*I understand the murderous thoughts that go through your mind when somebody beg you a ting, you can't give them n them cuss causing sinful thoughts to cross your mind.

Trust me I understand.