Sunday, 15 June 2014

Appreciate someone or something or both

The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory.

An odd statement to begin today's blog with because I'm not talking about anything religious or am I going to be speaking about overcoming life' challenges but it has been on my mind and I must share.

Little things are often overlooked and put on  the back burner because we think that they are not going anywhere or they are not that important,but I'm sure that after living in this all consuming world we know that the little things often are the most important and the things that we fall back on and that support us when all else fails.

Why do we take for granted the little things tho? think about your little toe or your elbow  these are parts of your body, important parts mark you but how often do we think of these things, how often do we spend time to appreciate these things and think of there importance of them to our balance and our movement.

Some people in our lives are treated like the elbow and the little, we know they are important, we acknowledge that they are there but for the life of God we  refuse to acknowledge the importance of these persons to our existence. we need to stop acting a fool and begin to acknowledge the persons in our lives who  listen to our woes without complaining, who feed us with their own money and do not complain, who drive us around like chauffeurs, who never ask us to justify why we dislike someone but love us enough to follow suit.

Too many times we behave as though we are self sustaining like we can go through the world without the assistance of the chatty chatty friend, the loud friend, the annoying as hell friend, the hovercraft  girlfriend, the annoyingly clingy mother, everyone in our life who plays apart in our life impacts it and we should   show our appreciation.

The other day but I overheard a friend of mine telling a woman who I dont care for my business and they both seemed to thoroughly enjoy the conversation.  Oddly enough I appreciate that woman because she taught me that friends can be dangerous when not handled with care, she taught me never to tell my friends anything i wouldnt want to hear back and it taught me  that if you and  your friends dont dislike the same persons its time to check your friend.

Appreciate that you wake  up each morning, appreciate that all may not be well but something even if its one thing is, appreciate  the job you have appreciate the people who turn you down ( life lesson waiting to happening) In everything that happens in our lives , in everyone that passes through our years there is something to appreciate. Appreciate everything for the stone the builder refuses may just end up being the head cornerstone. 

This may be a jumble but after the week I've had I appreciate my jumble and i hope there is something in here for you....
have an awesome week. i appreciate that you read and share.