Sunday, 1 June 2014


How easy it is to forget to be grateful  for the things we have when things are going good but when they are going bad we plead and beg God and promise him to be grateful  for his blessings.

Be thankful for the food we eat because  there is nothing like being hungry.

Be thankful for daily journeying mercies. Every day we travel near n far n we return home dead tired...  Be grateful  many left home n didn't return.

Be thankful for clothes we wear. We all know someone who could do with even a fraction of the clothes we have.

Be thankful for jobs. It might not be ideal, our bosses, cowokers and students might drive us crazy but we know it's better to have n complaint rather than not at all. 

Be thankful  for families. Mothers who call us incessantly n vice versa, fathers who still treat us like little kids, aunts n uncles who feed us and cousins who share in the fun times.  Siblings yes siblings who drive us crazy and steal our food and belongings

Be thankful for good health. With all the illnesses out there if health is yours praise God.

Be thankful  for the men in our lives ladies whether he is rich or poor.  Remember to acknowledge the little things because it's the little things that matter. The groceries he ensures is in your fridge, the food he ensures you eat and the little treats he leaves just fah u.

Be thankful for your women men because some of  you would not live a day in comfort without them. You would not eat, you'd live in squalor  and you all would wear boxers n tshirt errywhere...

Gratitude is something we all take for granted at some point or the other but we also know how wonderful it is when others acknowledge the good that we do for them. 

I'm grateful for life and love and my baby and my awesome siblings  n my miserable mama n my grumpy dad and they know it and God knows it....  Who or what are u grateful for today?