Sunday, 3 August 2014

Summer Rules cuz unnuh a loooooo

Its summer and Im loving the break..... Ive gone a couple places so far and seen a lot of people and as Im an avid people watcher I must for the most part congratulate folks this summer, however as there are  28 days left I have noticed some trends  that must stop... by God and his big right hand I have been appointed to lay down the rest of  summer rules.....

Rule 1
Though shalt not wear short shorts if you have any of the following:
* chronic bang belly
* persistent blackening of the posterior region
* feet that resemble those of a newly born calf

Rule 2
Your weave should not be of such cheapness that when you sweat  the colour runs and messes up your nice outfit.

Rule 3
Ladies and Gentlemen
when you go out to party do not and I repeat do not get white girl wasted. know how you get to the venue, know what you do there and know how you get back home.

Rule 4
Do not spend all of the school fee and accessories money on parties remember that while August is fun time September is school time.

Rule 5
Do not wear high heels to parties.... take pictures in the heels, walk into the party in the heels then excuse yourself to the bathroom or locate the back of the biggest vehicle and put on your dancing shoes (corns are not attractive)

Rule 6
In this day and age he/she may look attractive but find out the gender of the person you are interested in before you start bumping and grinding, this world has become a very confusing place.

Rule 7
Do not leave home without adequate planing, know where the venue is located (let someone not attending know just in case) know how you are getting back home, booming a ride is not an acceptable.

Rule 8
If you have no reason to be walking around in the nearest town everyday STAY HOME heat stroke is real people.

Rule 9
Do not  become a statistic.... If your big enough to do it your big enough to buy it.

Rule 10
women remember that times are hard and the men may not have as much money as they once did so keep the spending at a minimum (stop shame the man dem an order Hennessy when all the man can buy is a Smirnoff) ease the man dem a one and two time and help out with the bill a one and two time.

Take heed people and continue to have a lovely summer....