Sunday, 3 August 2014

Don't say that to me .......

Is it me? Am I going crazy or has getting older removed every smidgen of  a sensor that the younger me had?
Now of late I've noticed that tolerance to things that I consider foolishness has waned and I have become increasingly short with persons who I think should know better but however for some reason (some reason beyond what I think is my rational thinking)  continue to uphold slackness and do foolish things.

Persons need to realize that although they have the right to free speech persons also have the moral right to defend themselves against anything they consider offensive with whatever force they consider necessary. We need to remember that as we get older people change and persons around them should acknowledge and move accordingly. I am sure that  some of the people who knew our prime minister when she was younger and perhaps even changed her diaper would want to say certain things to her but they have noted her change and have acted accordingly. We are all equal to her and I would like if my change is acknowledged.

Now the other day I am at home minding my own business lounging on my sofa (after all it is summer what else is there to do)and I get a  message that I consider to be very rude and presumptuous now I proceed to tongue lash the individual upon which they reply that I have become  a mere shell of myself a reflection of someone else entirely and I should link them up when I can run a joke. what a individual bright ehhhhh Jesus.

When is it ok for persons to consider you a stagnant unchanging in what is expected  and be able to say any and everything to you expecting you to take it with a a smile and never ever point out the folly of their ways? NEVER

Now I am not saying that persons should not be able to say things to you in jester and to run a one and two joke but there are those individuals who constantly expect to say whatever they want , whenever they want and to whomever the want without feeling that their words will or should be met with an equal or even sharper response.

The good book says to do unto others as you would have them do unto you so my new thing is... if someone says something rude to me obviously they would like a rude response so hear have it, run with it, buss the bag and gobble it dung and duh nuh mek non spill.

If every day you accept bulla you will never be upgraded to spiced bun..... Toni Mcleary