Sunday, 10 August 2014

Liar Liar pants on fire

Lying although necessary at times (for example when your baby asks you what sex is, or your boss asks you a question that is directly related to your keeping your job) it has become a plague in the society and now a days people go around telling so many lies that  they have come to believe them as truths.

Why have we come to this though..  Is it that we as a people have become so superficial that we need to be lied  to and therefore people lie or is it that we are so evil  and genuinely wicked that we lie for no reason at all.

Now I have been looking at men in our society and they lie about anything.  They lie about the  food they eat, the jobs they have, where they go they even lie about things that they don't need to lie about.  Why unnuh stay Suh yow...  Don't it d Bible seh clear as hell that your sins will find you out.  If u have two Oman n a profess fi one dem ago know..  If u tell u wife u deh a point 'a ' n end up a point 'b'  she ago know...  Especially  if the  matey get pregnant,  there is no need to lie.  Either you tell the truth n be a good man or move on n be able to do all you n need to do without hurting anyone.

Now women I hear you  in my head saying 'yes man ole wicked dem'  but you are all just as guilty, who lie more than Oman?  I live n see them on a daily basis n sadly I have to interact with them.  I wonder to myself why women tell lies to themselves, the men they date and there families knowing most times the sad repercussions of there  actions,  the some times beheading, the accidental pregnancy n then distribution of the jacket.  Why can't we be satisfied as we are n know when to behave our Tiny little bodies.

Yes for both  men n women it is sometimes necessary to spill a little lie here n there, to use your male/female charm but when you see yourself telling more lies than truths or believing the lies that you have told then you  know you  have a problem.

Stop this lieing madness be honest n truthful to yourselves n let the good peace that God would wish for you reign.