Tuesday, 19 August 2014

When the wrong one loves you right

When the wrong one loves you and loves you damn right its a helluva thing. sometimes when you love  the person who makes you genuinely happy has so many flaws you're tempted to question your sanity,  but when you look beyond the many flaws,the little things that peeve you you will find the most beautiful of beautiful souls that causes you to think " Could this wrong one be my right one?"

Sometimes we set so many rules and have so many expectations for ourselves when it comes to relationships  that we forget to  ensure that we are happy. Many persons are under the misconception  that it takes a lot of money to be happy, a big house  and many cars. Although these things  do aid in happiness  trust me security is good , they are nothing if you are unhappy. Just imagine yourself with all the money you need and no one to spend it with , a big house and all you have are the walls to talk to, a nice car and no one to drive in the passenger seat and talk to you... all you have is  your material possessions.

Once in a while its good to pray and step out on a limb leaving it all up to God, move out in faith trust  in the father and be guided by happiness. No one will ever love you more than the person who knows that your a prize  and there is no way except by the grace of God and earnest prayer that they could have gotten you. Have you ever looked at a beautiful woman who is in love with a man who to us is not so kind on the eyes and thought "why tho?"   or seen an educated well off man choose a simple bush girl who is  uneducated and to us way below his level and thought "why tho?" I've deduced that the persons who we think are wrong just know how to love us right.

Often times its not what we want that's good for us or even what we  need and although  sometimes we may think we are settling when we choose someone without the necessary security ( right now) we need to look at the broader  picture : does this person make me happy? , do they put my needs ahead of there own? , do we have the same religious beliefs? , is there scope for the other person to grow?, are they willing to grow and change and better them self for the both of you . If the  answers to these questions are yes them maybe your wrong one is the  right one.

Love can be a confusing thing and I must admit a horribly wonderful thing but when you find someone who loves you and makes you feel like no other whether they are what you expected or not and you love you right back don't ever ever ever let them pass you by cuz when the wrong one loves you right you may just have found the perfect kinda love....