Saturday, 15 March 2014

I dont have to love you, but I do have to like you

Im begining to to think that love is over rated. Am I wrong to feel this way? when did I begin to feel this way? And how can I change the way I feel?

The flurry of love is awesome always wanting to be around this person. Kissing them is new so it excites and rabbits have nothing on you in the sack but when all the flurry dies down,
The breathing becomes even, you start to notice the persons flaws will love be enough to hold that relationship together? my answer is hell to the freaking no.

Ive come to realise That while loving someone is good it cant be the defining factor when choosing someone to call your spouse, someone you'll choose to live with for the rest of your life.    Love van never feed you and if you've decided to have children feed children (dem nyam nufff) I believe that a partner who is a provider someone who seeks to ensure that they match you in wages or far outways should be a prime candidate a man who sits back n allows a woman to pay the bills, feed himself and her is a man to be scorned.

I think a partner who one can tolerate and who you genuinely like should be given preference over someone who is simply loved because when this person pisses you off and the "love" begins to waver  u can always always always find something to like or tolerate about the chosen lover.  If most women are like me then I know that if a man slips up enough we get fed up .. fed up with his clothes on the ground, his not being able to feed himself and his desire to constantly have you at his heel that's where like and tolerance are most handy ... those tiny tests of faith.

Love is good love is emensly wonderful... I kid you not but having someone who shares the same views that you do, that wants the same things that you do is far more valuable I believe than simply having someone you love.