Saturday, 8 March 2014

Im grateful

I appreciate the things in life that I have simply because for the most part I know I couldn't do  without them... I appreciate all the things my family has done for me I appreciate every thing that v.d has done for me. Ive never been one to not acknowledge the good that others have done for me but as I look around and I see some of the problems that other persons are having and I must say praise jesus that im not in their position.
     There are some persons who for no reason of their own have ended up on the shitty end of the stick and and some have put themselves there who have noone to help them.  Throughout my life ive had persons who have gone out of their way and made  it their point of duty to ensure that ive had a good footing and that im comfortable. To these persons I say I am truly grateful and completely appreciative.
The belief that these persons have put in me has caused me to want to achieve, do well and make not only them proud but myself as well. Bwoy without them I don't know where    I would be. The constant words of encouragement the need to know what ill be doing with my mind next makes me want to do better makes me want to do more things to be a  better me and I am grateful. ...