Saturday, 8 March 2014

We want justice

Bwoy a tell u bout dem politicians. .. I was driving to my mothers house to day at 5miles per hour and bobbing and weaving to avoid the one million and one potholes on the road and while doing so I was quarrelling and asking myself where the blasted mp was then I went on my instagram and and there he was cutting all kinds a pose with all different kinds a ppl and things and the blasted road out fi mash up mi lil guzzler (the name of my poor old car).
    When the elections were under way this gentleman was contested by someone I thought was a worthy and by far better opponent but because he wasnt from the parish people made a big deal and didn't vote for him now we are stuck with this lizard of a road that refuses to give us suitable roads to drive on...
    Jamaicans are so averse to change that they would rather put up wid a big farred teifing politician who lies and does nothing for them than chance the unknown... im non partisan and I must say ill always vote for who has the best plans and not necessarily who I know... im sick of the  same nothingness year after blasted year.
We need to grow as citizens if we are to ever get what we truly deserve from these men and women who profess to have our best intrests at heart. What we want ...change... when we want it. .. now ... for better living conditions ,for better roads, for better leadership baxide im a born n bred Jamaican :