Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I need more and I need it now

Settling for less than u  truly deserve. ..

What d hell is wrong with us women treating these men like they kings and in return  being treated like humble foot servants. .. Most women don't require much a little  maintenance here n there... u like pretty hair and nails seeing women on point at all times why not chipping in once in a while. .

   You like to be fed like an arab king the finest of fine food sleep on more than 500 thread counts... what the hell u think these things just pop up outta d sky n into ur plates and on your beds.. I heard a lady commentating the other day and she made the point that women should stop spoiling men and leading them to believe that their asses should be spoilt. ..
  Men should be treated with the utmost respect at all times especially when they are pulling their weight and being truly dominant. .. These men who want to be spoilt without  bringing anything to the table should be thrown in the garbage like ten day old chinese food. We women need to assert ourselves and put our requirements on the table and if he cant live up he should leave us to find someone we can work with and be truly successful with.
   Women need to stop stringing along on the hope that these men will realise their place and love them the way they deserve to be loved. ...  u cant change the stripes on a zebra so stop trying to change these half grown... no place knowing... aint going nowhere...looking ass men.