Tuesday, 4 February 2014

double standards

      If I don't kiss your butt I can't get what I want. In the world of work  my ability to suck up or lack there of should not dictate whether I get promoted or not. My personal choice to not sleep with you, to not have you feel me up, to not have you constantly breathing down my gullet should not and I repeat not affect my moving up in the company to which I have been employed.
     I wonder do I blast my my boss if he tries this or do I accept it as a normal part of the work environment. Employers  are known as the ones with the power, does that then mean that whatever they dish out their employees have to accept, apparently some persons are under this impression and they don't know how to say no when they are propositioned. Employees  need to learn to stand up and not use their bodies are bargaining pieces. Yes it is good to make a little extra money to have a little power ,but, at what expense?
   Before we make certain decisions lets think of the consequences of the actions we make...
Are we willing to have someone have a hold over our heads because we are afraid that they may release our secret and cause us public embarrassment.

Employees stop the foolishness... run weh d ole cunnu munnu bosses with the bad attitude and behaviour