Sunday, 16 February 2014

U nuh ready fi dis yet bwoy

Im looking and noticing that now adays men have a major problem with identifying and staying in their lanes... Ive been getting a whole lot a you've changed and you're unhappy and you're getting boring simply because ive decided that im not gonna be entertaining certain arguments any more or im not gonna laugh at lame jokes or talk when I dont want to any more... ill be your friend ill talk to u but im putting way more effort into some of these relationships than I seem to be getting out of them...
   Im not looking for much just a genuine hello once in a while... what is genuine u may that is not followed by a statement about what u want to do to my body or what youd like to do to me... im getting older n with my age seems to come all this renewed sense of self and identity... im sure of who I am.. what I want and who I want.
    Too often women think they have to fit into the ideals of what their male friends want simply to fit in or to be looked up to by these men... im saying stop that bull whats wrong with you... whats wrong with your personality why u have to taylor it and sexualise yourself to fit into the ideals of some so called friend. .. a friend that has probably never ever bought u a rose, given u a piece a chocolate or treated u the way u know that as a woman u deserve to be treated... ladies take this from me... im young I may be foolish but ive come to learn one thing... women that demand and stand up what they really want are never ever treated less than they deserve. ..