Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Ms.Girly lesson

This summer is as hot as the gates of hell but I hope you all are having a lovely  summer, in the sun, at the beach, doing all the things you had in mind or had hoped to do. 
Well this week I was walking my dog and normally when I go out I stop to have a little chat with the little old lady who lives directly across from me, well  we chatted for an extended period and I had the feeling that some unspoken words were looming but as Im not a mind reader I went about walking  my dog and then proceeded to try and enter my garage, the little old lady called to me and when I went over she asked me if she could have a pack of biscuits. Normally when I go shopping I pick up wheat crackers not only because I like them but also because I know she sometimes wants one but on this specific occasion I Ididnt have any (its summer im tryna put on some weight so i bought all fatty all salty stuff) and i went inside thinking that all was well i was so wrong.

The following morning I went outside and the little old lady got up off her veranda without acknowledging me and went inside I thought strange but  still i went about my business. This happened again in the evening  and also the next morning, now i decided that i really wanted to see if this old woman was malicing me for my biscuit so I walked at the back of the house so she wouldn't notice me, when I called to the old lady my usually bright 'Hello teach" became a barely audible "hi miss" mi nearly dead with laugh but once again I continued with my chore. the next day I went to Mandeville and I made it my point of duty to by Ms. Girly her pack a biscuit before she dead with me innah har heart.

Ms Girly like so many persons I know are only pleasant when they are able to get something from you in return for their politeness. I notice this trend at home (Ms. Girly mi a watch u motives), I notice this at my workplace and sadly but infrequently I see this in my family. It is no longer acceptable to be nice and decent because you are a genuine human being but simply because you want something in return. I have this friend "pepsi" she is the sweetest most genuine, innocent, naive to people BS that you will ever meet. She is artistically inclined and always willing to help , I see how people  are nice to her and pleasant and smile when they want something from her and then on other occasions ignore the living hell out of the woman who gladly brought them out of a bind.

Why as human beings can't we appreciate people and treat them the way we want to be treated, is it that our survival instincts, our me alone must reign supreme attitude has outgrown our humanity. For most Jamaicans church is a every weekend thing and we go and we learn the rules of empathy and the golden rule and when we come out we take it and put it on out dining room table like flowers. We should practice the golden rule " do unto others as we would have them do unto us" and appreciate people even when they have nothing tangible to give us. 

If all we look for in people these last days is what they can offer us we will be a set of people most miserable, we would have built a society where actual relationships are meaningless and interaction would not be necessary until we needed something, we would be a people most miserable. We should try and appreciate everyone for the good they have inside and if they have a little something something to give we should take that as a plus to the relationship and not the be all end all of relating. 

Have a a happy week and remember although tifa seh no romance without finance remember tifa is single and celebate.