Thursday, 18 September 2014

You're good for me because

All along I've considered myself a strong independent woman capable of taking care of myself without a man and thinking that life would be no different  whether I was single or in a relationship but I've been dead wrong... Yes I may be able to financially provide for myself and yes I may not need a man to manly things  for me persay..  But what happens when  you need a man for your mentally  sanity.

Here are my reasons I think it's important to have a man around.

It's good to have  man around as your pillow when nights are cold and a plain ole blanket won't do.

It's good to Have an ear to listen to an idea and help you build on it.

It's good to have someone to talk to when your boss/coworkers  piss you off and you just want to vent.

It's good to have  a manly hand to hold when your having a medical emergency.

They are good for their warm arms when u need the perfect place to be.

They are good as  listeners and consolers never met a man that didn't know exactly what to say.

It's good to have a man around just because....  Just because they are men and they are less 'yappy' than women.

Now mark you I haven't given over my pro woman beliefs  and I won't just be taking up a man just because but they do have their benefits.  No one makes u feel as good about your self than a man who cares for you.  So they they are not a need they may be a necessity...