Sunday, 22 June 2014

Wifey material

I don't know if its me or if  its the men that I come across or my friends  come across but the men today have really gone nuts. These  men are seeming confused as to the qualities of a good woman and often let them slip through there hands to settle with some jing bangs. I heard the story recently of a couple who was married for around twenty five years and then all of a sudden the man  took upon himself an unemployed tattooed woman who cursed, smoked and drank and left his good , nice, decent wife at home. If its something in the water let me know because this madness does not amuse me.

Gentleman I'm about to lay on you a couple of signs that will help you to identify if you have a good woman.
You have a good woman if:
1. when she is upset she tells you exactly what is on her mind and doesn't beat around the bush. A woman who speaks her mind and doesn't hold  the hurt and aggression in has mastered the number one rule of relationships which is to always communicate with your partner. A woman who says nothing no matter what is happening  is the woman who will poison you, burn up your clothes and stab you in your sleep.

2. When you go out with a woman, although it is expected that the man picks up the tab;  you have found  a good woman if once in a while she volunteers( because she volunteers doesn't mean your to accept) to pick up the tab, Now a woman who volunteers to help with payments no matter how small will be a true ride or die, she will ensure that you have money in your pocket and that the bills are paid.

3. She  isn't content to have in her home only the things that a man can provide. That is a good woman, she will always be working and hustling to ensure that she has what she wants and your pocket will be less strained.

4. She puts the  needs of her partner before her own and ensure that he is well taken care of and when that matter is dealt with that woman will take care of herself. Women are by nature nurturers and will definitely go out of their way to ensure that others are happy and comfortable around them. This woman is a keeper and as a man you should try and keep her needs on the foreground in as much as she tries to ensure that your needs are taken care of.

5.  If your mother  thinks the world of the woman and isn't always complaining of some shortcoming then you have a keeper, for some reason men doubt their  mothers and often think that their mothers are trying to keep them as babies when they warn them about the thots that they are about to wife. Mothers are able to look beyond the facade that potential partners put up because they are around longer and some were actually thots themselves so they are able to spot and warn you about these women.

The bible itself says that when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing, ,many men haven't found wives they have found side pieces, bad bitches and therefore they will be forever unhappy and doubt the existence of good women. There are women in the world today who just want someone to love and take care of, to treat like they are the only ones on the planet that matter but men if you keep pushing the good ones away you will never ever receive the treatment that you truly deserve. When you find a good woman treat her good, love her and respect her and she will give you the world.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Appreciate someone or something or both

The hotter the battle the sweeter the victory.

An odd statement to begin today's blog with because I'm not talking about anything religious or am I going to be speaking about overcoming life' challenges but it has been on my mind and I must share.

Little things are often overlooked and put on  the back burner because we think that they are not going anywhere or they are not that important,but I'm sure that after living in this all consuming world we know that the little things often are the most important and the things that we fall back on and that support us when all else fails.

Why do we take for granted the little things tho? think about your little toe or your elbow  these are parts of your body, important parts mark you but how often do we think of these things, how often do we spend time to appreciate these things and think of there importance of them to our balance and our movement.

Some people in our lives are treated like the elbow and the little, we know they are important, we acknowledge that they are there but for the life of God we  refuse to acknowledge the importance of these persons to our existence. we need to stop acting a fool and begin to acknowledge the persons in our lives who  listen to our woes without complaining, who feed us with their own money and do not complain, who drive us around like chauffeurs, who never ask us to justify why we dislike someone but love us enough to follow suit.

Too many times we behave as though we are self sustaining like we can go through the world without the assistance of the chatty chatty friend, the loud friend, the annoying as hell friend, the hovercraft  girlfriend, the annoyingly clingy mother, everyone in our life who plays apart in our life impacts it and we should   show our appreciation.

The other day but I overheard a friend of mine telling a woman who I dont care for my business and they both seemed to thoroughly enjoy the conversation.  Oddly enough I appreciate that woman because she taught me that friends can be dangerous when not handled with care, she taught me never to tell my friends anything i wouldnt want to hear back and it taught me  that if you and  your friends dont dislike the same persons its time to check your friend.

Appreciate that you wake  up each morning, appreciate that all may not be well but something even if its one thing is, appreciate  the job you have appreciate the people who turn you down ( life lesson waiting to happening) In everything that happens in our lives , in everyone that passes through our years there is something to appreciate. Appreciate everything for the stone the builder refuses may just end up being the head cornerstone. 

This may be a jumble but after the week I've had I appreciate my jumble and i hope there is something in here for you....
have an awesome week. i appreciate that you read and share.

Sunday, 1 June 2014


How easy it is to forget to be grateful  for the things we have when things are going good but when they are going bad we plead and beg God and promise him to be grateful  for his blessings.

Be thankful for the food we eat because  there is nothing like being hungry.

Be thankful for daily journeying mercies. Every day we travel near n far n we return home dead tired...  Be grateful  many left home n didn't return.

Be thankful for clothes we wear. We all know someone who could do with even a fraction of the clothes we have.

Be thankful for jobs. It might not be ideal, our bosses, cowokers and students might drive us crazy but we know it's better to have n complaint rather than not at all. 

Be thankful  for families. Mothers who call us incessantly n vice versa, fathers who still treat us like little kids, aunts n uncles who feed us and cousins who share in the fun times.  Siblings yes siblings who drive us crazy and steal our food and belongings

Be thankful for good health. With all the illnesses out there if health is yours praise God.

Be thankful  for the men in our lives ladies whether he is rich or poor.  Remember to acknowledge the little things because it's the little things that matter. The groceries he ensures is in your fridge, the food he ensures you eat and the little treats he leaves just fah u.

Be thankful for your women men because some of  you would not live a day in comfort without them. You would not eat, you'd live in squalor  and you all would wear boxers n tshirt errywhere...

Gratitude is something we all take for granted at some point or the other but we also know how wonderful it is when others acknowledge the good that we do for them. 

I'm grateful for life and love and my baby and my awesome siblings  n my miserable mama n my grumpy dad and they know it and God knows it....  Who or what are u grateful for today?