Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Man oh Man

I haven't been writing lately because sadly I lost my muse...  But there are nights like tonight when I'm overwhelmed by feelings and I just have to put them to paper.  I've been watching and noting observing and Keenly learning that men oh men though we love them ladies they are something else.

I've noticed that men never really know how to treat a woman (though we try to school them Prod them poke them insentivise them) when they have them all to themselves,  Yet, when a woman decides to walk away and the man realises that he is about to be all alone he suddenly knows exactly what to do, his ways are reformed and before you stands the creature you craved all the long lived days of the relationship.

I've noticed that men are petty beyond our wildest imagination ladies and it is not vindictiveness but the ego that goes along with their pettiness that causes them to feel the need to 'pluck'  at your nerves and to drive you crazy over the silliest of things.

I've noticed that men always have an agenda be they friend, colleague, relative or lover. Men always have something up their sleeves and always try to pull one over on us the obviously smarter specie and when they don't get their way they are like children who have been denied their favourite toy (pure tantrum).

I've noticed that men who are tough around their friends tend to be the most lost souls and they are the ones that rely on us females for their strength the most.  These men run to us and cuddle at our feet like kittens because they need us strength they need our strength and we must provide what they need in order to aid in their happiness.

I've noticed that when a man knows he can play on a woman's emotions he will not stop till he has a full Orchestra and if she allows him he will take his show on the road. 

I've noticed that men who hoe around are the worst at dealing with being 'hoed' around on.  The will snap and kill you, you Mumma, u Mumma Mumma an har goat if you are not careful. 

The Bible says he who is without sin let him cast  the first stone and ladies trust me, we do have our faults so please don't kill the men, Love them give them and give them all we can because there is nothing we can do but love these flawed creatures perfectly imperfect as they are. 

I've noticed that a little love, alot a soft answers will turn away a great deal a wrath.